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Original Thread: Let's Change Fate in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective



Let's Change Fate in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

What's this?
Ghost Trick is a puzzle game developed by Shu Takumi, the same guy who's behind the Ace Attorney series. It was released in North America on January 11th 2011 & received mostly positive reviews. It's well known for having great art, including highly fluid animation. It also has a great soundtrack brought to you by the composer of the first Ace Attorney game.

Wait, so is this just Phoenix Wright with ghosts?
This game definitely has many of the quirky charms that made the AA games fun to play. But it's definitely its own beast - the puzzles in Ghost Trick involve a lot of action, and the overall plotline is completely disconnected from the AA series.

So what's the plot, then?
A red-suited man with pointy yellow hair is dead, and he wants to know why he's dead. Revealing anything beyond that is going to be a giant spoiler.

Oh come on, you can reveal more than that without spoiling everyone.
Actually, I can't. And neither can anyone else: A spoiler ban is in effect for this LP. This includes tagged spoilers. Much of the fun in this game is figuring out where the hell the plot's leading you and why the hell anything is happening, and I don't want that ruined for people who haven't played the game before. Speculation is allowed, but please don't go disguising your spoilers as oddly accurate speculation.
Tagged puzzle spoilers are fine as long as they don't bring any plot info into them.

What's the format for this?
Mostly screenshots, with some gifs thrown in to clarify things that don't come across well as still shots(and sometimes just to show off this game's amazing animation quality). Major puzzles will also get a video posted with them, so you can see the whole thing solved at once. But I'll also post them in screenshot format, for those who want commentary and/or don't care to watch videos.
Update schedule will be at least once a week, but I'll aim for more.

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