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by slowbeef

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Original Thread: Let's Pause Golgo 13! .... .... .... .... (Screenshot LP)


Who is the mysterious assassin known as Duke Togo a.k.a. Golgo 13?

Well according to this secret dossier, Golgo 13 is Japan's answer to James Bond. Wielding a modified M-16, Golgo is a sniper-for-hire and with his insane mutton chops and serious glare, he can take down any foe!

Besides two anime movies and one of the longest running adult mangas in Japan, Golgo made two appearances on the NES (and three in the arcades). What two NES appearances? These:

Top Secret Episode
The Mafat Conspiracy

Watch as our superspy uncovers conspiracies! And gets the womens! And like... shoots people!

Hey slowbeef, what about the previous thread?

I thought we had good commentary, but there were a fuckton of technical issues in both the audio and video department... so I'm trying something new. We're going to try and convert a VLP with guests to screenshots. So expect a bunch of audio transcription from yours truly!
I hope this one works better, because Golgo does deserve the LP treatment.

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