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Original Thread: Among Giant Rings and Zealots in space, let's play Halo!


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Table of Contents

Halo! The game everyone either loves or loves to hate. The game, which started as a game for the Mac, moved to PC and then became a launch game for Microsoft's new console the Xbox, where it stayed for a sequel before it moved to the Xbox 360 for its second sequel.
For some reading about the development of Halo, check this handy history link on Bungie's webpage.
In addition, check out this video of some early builds of the game. Commented by some of the developers.

For a further look how the game looked back then, look at the rather awesome E3 2000 trailer.

Here's a much later trailer for some comparison.

Now Halo was released on the Xbox as a launch title in November 2001. It was very well received by both critics and gamers for it's (by that time) graphics, controls and multiplayer. Back then, a PC release was nowhere in sight. However, in July 2002 it was revealed that Bungie had given Gearbox, makers of Brothers in Arms and Half-Life: Opposing force, the responsibility of developing a PC Port of the game. The release was in September 2003 and was received with mixed reactions by gamers and decent reviews by the press. This is mainly because it was released too late and had been surpassed by other PC shooters by that time. It is however still an enjoyable game to play. Moreover, I have chosen this game to LP.

Game back-story:
Now, the thing that is actually somewhat surprising is that the Halo universe contains loads more of story that the game actually tells you. Nevertheless, here is the main story that good to know for the game:

In order to escape the destruction of the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) Headquarters on the planet Reach, caused by the Covenant, a collection of alien species united under one cause, the ship Pillar of Autumn makes a blind jump into slipspace. On board is Master Chief, one of the few remaining Spartan supersoldiers left. When the PoA emerges from slipspace, they come upon a massive ring-shaped structure that is in orbit around a planet. And the game takes off from there.

At the end of each update, I will be posting a little history and facts section detailing the story behind the main factions and some of the characters. I may even toss in some extra bonus material at one point during the LP's progress if it is requested.
My main source for the information for this part is Halopedia.
However, I have chosen to rewrite the information presented there to make it a bit more comprehensible. (That place could really need a rewrite at some sections.) In addition, a lot of the stuff mentioned is relevant to the sequels rather than the first game. This I felt was a bit irrelevant since I am doing the first game right now. I will however at the end deal with what happens after the game and the events that lead up to Halo 2.

Questions and Answers:

Q: So you are actually going to LP Halo? Are you nuts? I mean everyone has played it already.
A: Yes, I know that fact. However, the thing is most people have not actually bothered about the background stuff since the game just tosses you in something without explaining it. Actually, I enjoy playing the game. It is not that great but still quite fun. But the vehicle sections are a blast.

Q: How are you going to do it?
A: Videos with subtitles mainly. I will try to mix comments with information regarding the Halo universe. It also allows you to hear the ingame voices and music without any disturbing commentary to distract you. This is because I find the music to be top notch at some places. In addition, I might do one or two different things for the more boring parts, as there is a couple during the later parts of the game.

Q: Halo universe? There is actually more to it than just the games?
A: There is a surprisingly large amount of information regarding the universe that the game omits tell you.

Q: How many times will you update?
A: Updates will happen three a week unless other things come in-between, with possible bonus updates about other things from time to time. I will try my best to keep this schedule.

Q: Will you do Halo 2?
A: Maybe. Maybe not. We will have to see. Yes. I will LP Halo 2 after this game is finished.
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