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Part 20: Episode 19: Another New Year Beginning

The start of my second year had already arrived. I was so excited to go back to school this year and make lots of new memories!

My day was busy, as I got ready for classes and met some cool birdies…

…and some that were not so cool.

I decided to join the student council, if for no other reason than to keep Sakuya in check.

I also decided that I was going to take math classes during elective days. I didn’t do so well on my exams last year, so I want to make up for it this year.

Goon leveled up!
Wisdom increased by 5!

After that, the student council had its first meeting. It turns out that I was the only person to join other than Sakuya, so I made myself the vice president. I thought that’d give me the best chance at making sure he didn’t let the power get to his head.
…Well, more to his head, at least. Either way, he seemed pleased with my choice.

About a week later, the class went on a hike together. The view was absolutely stunning!
We took a break, and I thought it’d be good to check up on Ryouta, given how weak he is.

Ryouta! Let’s eat together.
Sure. Great view, huh?


Yup! It’s a CalorieM**e.
That’s a pretty sad thing to bring on a picnic…
No, it’s not! A great man once said it’s the ambrosia of the gods!

Really? Wow! Thanks, Ryouta!

And so I got to eat half of Ryouta’s lunch. His cooking is so good!
We can save the CalorieM**e in case of a survival situation.
CalorieMate is an energy-supplement food, shaped like shortbread. CalorieMate appeared in Metal Gear Solid 3 as a full health restorative.
Also, the asterisks remain my favorite method of censorship in Japanese media.

Another elective day came, so I got out my notebook and prepared for Mr. Nanaki’s lesson.

Hmm… Maybe you should review the basics a little more, Lourde.
Y-yes, sir…
Goon leveled up!
Wisdom increased by 5!

A couple weeks later, and it was time for the annual sports festival. Wow, there are so many people here! I wonder if Ryouta’s parents are anywhere in the crowd…
Speaking of, why don’t I see how he’s doing before his big race?

Oh, are you joining us?


I hadn’t decided on anything to do for the festival anyways, so I might as well join him.

Get set…
Ryouta’s running for both of us. Pairing up a bird and a primate might have been a bad idea…