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Part 30: Episode 28: The Faithful Doctor Leaves His Office

Today felt especially stressful, since I’m getting back my final exam for the semester. I was a little worried, but after seeing how happy Mr. Nanaki was while he passed back my test, I knew I was fine.

And soon after, the semester came to a close.

Sometimes it seemed long and sometimes it seemed short, but either way, it’s summer now!
I should probably find out if I need to come to school to clean the infirmary at all.

Well, I will be here just about every day the building is open… but there isn’t any real need for you to come too.
There’s nothing I could do to help?
No. Was there anything else?

I kind of wonder about what Ryouta said last week… Maybe I’ll test the waters.

Umm, sir? I heard that sometimes students disappear after coming in here, and…
Who told you?
No one in particular… Everybody’s talking about it. It’s kind of like a school legend, or something.
So you believe in urban legends?
What? No, not really. Just that it would be kind of cool if it were true…
Then we shall leave it at that.

I guess I shouldn’t have expected a straight answer in the first place.
I never can tell what the doctor is thinking when I talk to him…
And so I left the school, ready for summer vacation.

I decided to start my vacation off right with a run around the area. I met a girl named Azami there, and she had a super cool motor scooter.

With all of my free time, I thought about getting a job in town, but…
Hmm… I think I’ll wait until I’m in college. That way I can skip lectures to go to work.
Slacking off and having fun is more the highschooler thing to do. Wheeee!

The vacation rushed right past me, and soon it was time for the summer festival.
Dr. Iwamine told me not to come in to the infirmary over the summer. I wonder if he’s been working there this whole time.
It’s not good to stay holed up at work all the time. I think I should go to the school and ask him to come with me to the festival.

He told me he had something to finish, and that he might be there later, so I waited at the entrance to the festival for him.

Waaaaaaaah! It’s the doctooooor! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Is that all? I’m going home.
S-sorry! I just… hadn’t thought you’d actually come.
But I didn’t have anything better to do, so I decided that even if it was a 0.05% chance it was still worth trying.
You invited me based on a chance like that? Fascinating. I think I want to try studying primate ethology next.
That aside, what did you want?
I wanted to go to the festival with you!
A festival? Forgive me, but I don’t ascribe to idle superstition.
I think 99.95% of the people there will be there just for fun, not religion…
…Very well. I shall accompany you.
In exchange for your left arm, of course.
M-my left arm…!?

U-umm… okay.

Yup, he’s a pervert. Yippee.
As our conversation awkwardly petered out, the fireworks display began.

Fireworks. How marvelous.
You mean even you like fireworks, sir!?
Naturally! Such potential… If only I could be so grossly incandescent. Hohoho.

I’m not sure I want to know what he’s thinking about.
But as quickly as it had started, the display was over.

And so he left, a satisfied expression on his face.
I’m a little worried that he was trying to study me, but I’m glad he had fun!
The music stops.

A week later, I found myself wandering the park late at night.

I think I’ll get some udon and go home before I get life counseled.
Wait, isn’t that… the doctor?

Good evening, doctor!

There’s mud on his wing.
Little of this city’s nocturnal entertainment is to be admired. Perhaps you should go home.

I had to worry a little bit about him. He’s out late at night and covered in mud, something may have happened to him.
Umm, sir…?
What are you doing out here, sir?
Nothing. Nothing at all. I was on my way home. I just happened to pass by.
But… If you were just walking around, how’d you get all muddy?

Informative, indeed. Thank you, Miss Lourde. Good night.
W-wait! You didn’t answer my question!
…throwing something away.

And so he hurried away into the night.
Throwing something away? What? Littering is bad, doctor!

A couple of weeks later, I woke up in a panic, thinking that I was already late for school after the break. I rushed to school, forgot my homework, and when I got there it turned out that I was early by a whole day. Ugh.
He asked if I could help him grade some exams, but I was so flustered I didn’t think I could be any help. I decided to just go home and try to calm myself down after that embarrassing display.