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Part 24: Alchemy

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia our heroines were in Lowee, where nothing embarrassing for any of our sponsors happened. Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…


Here’s a note from Tony, a Lastation resident. ‘Hi, 5pb. I’d like to give my appreciation to those who defeated this monster said to bring disaster. Peace has returned to Lastation thanks to you!’ A monster that brings disaster? Scary! Hopefully another one isn’t hiding somewhere else…
I’ve got a notice from Lastation’s Parliament. The Augustuses in Mega Storage 5 are slowly but surely getting taken care of by volunteer fighters. They’re asking for more help, since the operation is ongoing.
It looks like it’s time for me to go. Until later! Bye!
This show was brought to you by the online shopping superstore, AMAZOO.nep.

Wait, when did any of that happen?

Nep-Nep, wh-what now?! Don’t startle me like that, please.
Did something just whoosh by our footsies?
Something? Like what?
I dunno! It was all fast and stuff!
What’re you talking about? You’re imagining things.
No! It was super small, but I totally saw it. I wonder what it was…?
You’re delusi-…ahh! Yeah, I just saw one!
Eek! More are coming, one after another!
Wh-What are they?! Blue… rats? No, this is a herd of super speedy blue hedgehogs!
…And they’re gone. I don’t see any of them left. Not a single one.
Where’d they all come from?
I think they ran out of that major game developer building.
Where did they go…?
Hmm, looks like a building used by a pachinko slot machine maker.
A herd of hedgehogs migrating from a game company to a slot maker…
What’s happening between these two places?
…Pied Piper of Hamelin?
That’s way too clever of a punch line for you.

You could assume they’re fighting things that are too boring to talk about.

No. We’re not stopping.
I-I didn’t even say anything yet, Iffy! But that thingy at the entrance… Yup! It’s a sticky-pic booth!
Sticker pictures? Is that a couple leaving? I bet they were taking flirty pictures in it.
Is there something wrong with them getting along?
A police guy is approaching them. He’s all blah-blah-blah with the boyfriend.
He’s getting taken into custody! Weird. They didn’t look like they were all that suspicious.
…Could it be…?
What’s up with this serious business?
I’ve heard security cameras set up at ATMs can detect wanted criminals.
Doubt that’s the case here. Looks like he turned in a lost item and the owner all popped up and whatever!
The lady’s smiling and shaking his hand.
…So you’re one of them conspiracy buffs, Iffy? You like urban legends and that jazz?

Anyway, their old friend Gust returned with amazing news!

Video- “Gust”


Gust! Were you looking for us?
Yes. I have a favor…
A favor? To ask us?
I want to join party, so I travel with you.
Why? Did something happen?
I want to gather ingredients around world and make items to help world…
I thought it help traveling with you, who find Erde Crystal.
I won’t be trouble. Promise. Please, let me come.
Our journey isn’t always safe. Sometimes, we get ambushed by a pale, weird-looking lady. Is that okay?
Goth no problem for Gust.
What do you say, Nep-Nep? Iffy?
She’s totally welcome! The best things while traveling are buddies! More the merrier! Just don’t eat my secret snacks.
I’ve no objections, either. She can help manage the finances.

Oh great, Team Jerk is even bigger now.

LWE Feinne Presents Neptunia Mechanics:
Gust joins the party now as a Guest. We get to take advantage of her 10% discount at the store, but to use her in battle we need to have a piece of DLC and then buy an item from the store. Gust is a caster who has a lot of cool item-based gimmicks that we’ll talk about in a later update when she’s got some levels in her. She’s also really short.

Meanwhile, another acquaintance of the party was hard at work.

Video- “Justice Returns!”


Elder: Eeek! Help! Someone! Anyone!
Younger Brother: Never thought a strong monster like this would appear so close to town.
Older Brother: No time to waste, brah. Let’s go! We got lucky the monster picked that helpless old man as its target.
Younger Brother: Yeah, brah. Sucks to be him, but he’s taking one for the team.
Monster: Grrrr!
Elder: S-Someone! P-Please!
Older Brother: Who’s there?!

For some reason I can tolerate this one.

Older Brother: Heroine, huh? Hmm… she’s dressed pretty provocatively.
Younger Brother: Brah… She’s got no tits.
Older Brother: Oh, nice washboard. Or is it a cutting board? What a cruel joke…
Hey there! How can you speak thusly of a heroine?!
Older Brother: Sorry, but those images just kept popping up in our heads.
…Geez. Boys. So this is the demon threatening these fair lands?! I shall be your opponent today!
Older Brother: Okay, brah, let’s bolt.
Younger Brother: Yeah.

Nope not touching that.

How could you try to flee, leaving a frail old man to be eaten?!
Elder: …They ran off while you were fighting.
Bastards. Are you hurt?
Elder: No, I’m fine, thanks to you. Saving me will make you look like my friend, or maybe a caretaker…
I don’t know who you are or what you do, but I cannot ignore someone in need.
That’s the call of a justice keeper.
Now, Mr. Monster, brace yourself! Huh? Aw, it’s dead already…
Ugh, she beat us to it again.
Hello, fair citizens. I decided to quell the monster threat on your behalf.
Thank you!
I realize I just got here, but I must go. Justice can never rest!
If we’re lucky, let us meet again. Up, up, and awaaaaaaay!
Okay! Bye-bye, Ms. Heroine!


Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Rise of the Machines! Things in Lastation are getting kinda scary!

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