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Part 26: The Tech Expo

Previously on Hyperdimension Neptunia, the party fought a killer robot. Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Needing proof for the Sanctuary, our heroines tried to provoke Avenir into sending out their robots.

Video- “Proof”


It’s near the facility Avenir asked us to work at before. I thought they’d release a robot if we walked around suspiciously.
There are way more bad guys than before. Hopefully we won’t get bonked before we can get what we’re looking for.
I didn’t think about that, really. Well, whatever. I’m sure we’ll be fine.

Don’t worry, no matter how simple the plan I’m sure they can find a way to make it fail.

Uh, it ain’t so. Let’s go back for today. I’m… tired.
Wait! I see someone over there!
Ganache: Greetings, little ladies. Fancy meeting you here.
…This is no coincidence. Avenir’s solicitor and a robotic sidekick.
You know, it’s probably difficult to have completely automated robots throughout Lastation.
Ganache: You’re keen, as usual. All of our larger-scale machines are controlled remotely.
Then, you’ve been controlling the robots? All this time and forever and ever? Is it… a motion controller?
Ganache: Yes. Also, yes, all this time. But from now on? Hmm. That’s up to you.
Remembering what you did to us last time is pissing me off. We’re taking you to the Basilicom to confess your wrongdoings.
We haven’t found that hardware yet! We should interrogate him about it.

Also are they seriously about to buy that this guy had a change of heart and is totally going to help them now after he trapped them in an exploding building with monsters and blew up their friend’s factory with a killer robot?

Ganache: I’ve come to help you take Avenir down.
This is too good to be true. If you’re trying to help, why did you attack us with your robots?
Ganache: To see you without seeming suspicious. I’m still an Avenir employee. Great benefits. I had to look like I was following orders.
Well whatever, said the blind man to the deaf dog. You’re gonna bring Avenir down, and that’s that, right?
We can’t forget what he did to us. How did you hear about Neptune? Why did you try to get rid of us?
Ganache: That was the company’s order. I was told to keep you girls busy while they raided the Passe factory.
Your story makes sense, but that doesn’t mean I’m convinced.
Ganache: I’ll give you the hardware you’re looking for as proof. You want it, right? I’ll even testify against Avenir.
Awesomesauce! That’ll give us a fightin’ chance against Avenir. Still not convinced, Iffy?
You know what happened before. This is just an odd turn of events. Can we really trust him?
There’s no reason to assume otherwise for now. Why not leave it up to the Sanctuary?
Ganache: Sanctuary… Those people are at the old Basilicom, right? Please take me there. I’ll tell you everything then.

Crazy enough he really did in fact give them what they needed.

You betcha! It’s a small place, but please, scootch yourself on in.
I wish Chian could hear you say that. Anyway, what did you do with the solicitor? Kick him out?
The Sanctified: No, he told us everything. We also got the hardware.
We’re still wary, but we’ve gained something we’ve been searching for. We’ll require your help on the day of the raid.
For real? I mean, it’s the enemy base and the most important day, y’know?! I guess, like, why wouldn’t the heroines be there?!
The Sanctified: I doubt they’re heavily armed, since the main building is in the city’s center. Still, we should take precautions.
We’ll start on the day of the Tech Expo. Most employees will be there, but the rep, Singe, won’t.
The day of the Expo?! We can’t do it then! We’ve already promised Chian we would help her.
The Sanctified: Don’t worry. We should have it all wrapped up by the time the Expo starts.
So you’ll help us, won’t you? We’re counting on you girls.

There is no damn justice in this world.

Huh? That person looks familiar.
Isn’t it Zach? The aspiring game creator? He looks kinda serious. I wonder what’s up.
Zach: Huh? GG10?! Right. Like we could possibly make a game like that!
Within the GG series, 7 and 10 stand out among the rest. A crapshoot company like us could never create such masterpieces!
All we need is money! It’s all about money in this industry, no… in this world!
He’s turned into a hopeless, dreamless, passionless shell of a man…
…I wish I hadn’t seen that.

I mean this bitch is going on some epic adventure with her buddies while I’m stuck here listening to Black Heart whining about shit to promote my stupid land and its stupid snow.

And then she keeps parading herself around in front of me like she owns the damn world. It’s just infuriating.

Whoa… I can tell from here it’s brimming with enemies. They’re really giving off a villainous vibe.
The Sanctified: Looks like they’ve already abandoned their ‘wholesome corporation’ front.
They must’ve sensed the Sanctuary was coming. Isn’t it odd? Why wouldn’t they try to cover up evidence this time?
Ooh, I’ve seen it on TV shows before. They shred and burn paperwork and rub big magnets on their computers, right?
The Sanctified: I understand the words you speak, but they make no sense. Let’s press on and deal with what they have in store for us.
Please. Our primary goal is to capture Avenir’s Representative, Singe.

O-kay. The raid on Avenir’s headquarters went smoothly, but when they reached the facility’s depths they were in for a surprise!

Video- “The Scheme”


Ganache: Hello! We’ve been running into each other a lot lately. Oh, you’ve transformed. Unfortunately, Singe is not in his office.
Solicitor? The hell’re you doing here? This is the least favorable outcome!
Ganache: What’s that supposed to mean?
We expected Singe. I can’t believe we were tricked. What are you doing here, anyway?
Ganache: The president went to attend the Expo. I’m here because I figured you’d come.
Do you know how much trouble it took for me to sneak all this way?
…What do you want from us? Why were you waiting here?
Ganache: Because… you would come. I wanted you to leave the rest to the Sanctuary and go to the Tech Expo.
I stayed here to tell you everything… so you would do that.
What? …What’s your game?

And seriously another stupid human butting into things. We wouldn’t be in this mess without shit like this going on.

Ganache: I’ve manipulated everything from the start up to this point. Ever since I heard about the Console War three years ago.
I chose a small company on the verge of bankruptcy and created a bond between them and the Parliament.
So, you’re the founder of Avenir? For what? Just… who are you?!
Ganache: I’m the head of an Extremist Guild from Lowee. We’re believers of Lastation’s Lady Black Heart. She only does everything.
Our objective is simple… Neptune! We are to defeat her warring rival from the ancient Console War!
Console War? I’m sorry, that rings no bells. So, Avenir was just a means to get to me, right?
Ganache: Yes! I created Avenir to develop weaponry that gathers all the advanced technology of Lastation.
That weapon awaits you at the Tech Expo. You should hurry. It will not obey Singe.
I also added some features to the weapon. Something regrettable will happen to the Expo attendees if you don’t make haste.
I hate the notion of listening to this prick, but… we better hurry to the Expo, or else!
Let’s leave Mr. Solicitor to the Sanctuary people. He won’t escape, anyway.
Your efforts will be for naught. I’ll end all of this drama!

And seriously she always steals all the good lines!

Still you’d probably be pretty unhappy if someone else beat her, right?

Video- “The Tech Expo”


Bawwww, it’s so exhausting! Where is everyone? Is this what the Tech Expo is usually like?
Looks like everyone’s already made their escape. It’s empty and creepy here, even though it’s all lit up.
I’m more goosebumpalicious thinking about what’s waiting for us up ahead.
Chian! Whatcha doin’?!
Chian: Just listening to Singe’s stupid lecture.
Singe: Man-made products sometimes provoke unexpected, unfortunate incidents. I’ve gone through it personally!
Whoa, look at that robot! Is that what Avenir prepared for the Expo…?
Its sole purpose is to take down Neptune. It looks like its only function is to destroy.
Singe: I do not wish to make the same mistake. That’s why I’m replacing all of humanity with machinery!
These precise machines, made from the imprecise hands of humans! Hey, you are listening, right?
I don’t get it. You hate humans and totally dig machines, so… you’d prefer dating a buncha tools?
Chian: He… He can’t trust any products he makes himself.
He’s deathly afraid of hurting someone with a product he created and he’s shouldering everyone else with that fear.
Use my weapon to show him how trustworthy a man-made, future-proof product can be!
System Message: Equipped ‘Mech Sword Armas’.
Heck yeah! I’ll strike Avenir’s robot in its weak point for some crazy damage!
Chian: It’s not quite our original plan, but this should be the most impressive demonstration ever!

It would be lame to be outclassed by some dumb robot I guess.

Boss Battle: CPU Breaker
The CPU Breaker is a real test of your ability to take advantage of the game mechanics that favor you. Hopefully you have DLC characters to take advantage of Switches, otherwise this will take a while. Just as with the Killachine, you want to minimize how much you do with your characters that will be exposed to the boss so they can Defend with about half their AP. If I were less lazy and silly I’d get NISA and level her up so that I can give Neptune IF to take her hits but that’ll have to wait a couple of updates. When the CPU Breaker gets low he starts using a desperation cutscene attack that can really wreck you if you didn’t defend, so seriously never let anyone who didn’t defend be out. Neptune dying is really, really deleterious to your efforts in this game so you should pretty much consider it a game over. We’ll discuss why later. One last note, while the fight does auto-equip you with Mech Sword Armas it’s actually been buffed since you last saw it and is in fact better than any sword you can get right now in the game.

Yeah but seriously how likely was that?

I dunno how you two became rivals, but I betcha I know why we won.
Chian’s weapons are warm. Yours are cold.
Chian: That’s right. I used everything you tossed away to make my weapons, including the human heart!
Hmm. This is touching, but I wish we could’ve had a good closing comment, too.
Chian and Nep-Nep did a good job for us, though.
Singe: I don’t understand… What… was wrong with this?
…Well, that’s the end of Avenir, huh? All their plans ended in failure. You little girls stopped everything.
Hey you, Newtype! We got a fancy weapon now. C’mon, let’s go!
We can do this is you insist, but wouldn’t you need a nap first? Two bosses in a row is a bit… Well, I won’t go easy, y’know.
Shut it, Nep. She’s not here to fight.
What are you doing here? We already beat up the bad robot. You’re not needed!
It’s not like I came here to thank you for anything. I could’ve beaten that robot easily. S-So… well… Thanks, I guess.
…Huh? What’s this…?
If I were more careful, this wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand. That’s it.
Umm, so, what do we do now?
Chian: Come on, help me clean this up. Let’s call the Basilicom. I’m sure the Sanctuary is back and operating normally already.

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Fade to Black! Finally a Key Fragment!

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