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Part 27: Fade to Black

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia, our heroines saved Lastation from the evil Avenir corporation. Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Huh, am I all alone today? Oh well. After saving Lastation, Neptune and her friends were summoned by CPU Black Heart to the Basilicom!

Video- “Lady Black Heart”


Thank you. You may step out, now.
It’s nice to meet you, heavenly Console Patron Unit of Lastation! It’s an honor to be here.
…Nice to meet you. I’m the CPU Black Heart, the guardian goddess of Lastation.

Ah, but they had seen this girl before!

I’ve heard your voice before, but I’m kind of surprised… You look no older than us.
We don’t age in Celestia, so that’s probably the reason. This is living, so they say.
Um, you’re not talking quite like a goddess anymore…
It’s just you three. Plus, we’re not strangers or anything. No point in acting stiff and formal.
Isn’t it tough being a goddess? I mean, you gotta protect all of Lastation!
The work isn’t exactly demanding, but it’s kinda suffocating since I’m the symbol of Lastation.
You’re all seeking the lair of a strong monster, right?

It seemed that she actually had information for them as well.

What is it, anyway? Is it really so important? I’ve never heard of such a thing on Lastation.
I gotta get it to save Histy. Someone locked her up and she can’t get out!
Histy? Still doesn’t sound familiar.
I can’t help you there, but I can point you to where you might find something useful.
But you have to tell me if you find out more, okay? I’m still the goddess, after all.

It’s a trap.

Ugh, well, who’s fault is this nonsense?! We gotta find a spot to pitch a tent.
You’re the one who kept napping, saying there was plenty of time left to get to the next town.
O-Oh… Did I really?
Man: Thc! Y-You girls! What’re you doing here? You’re not Bravo Team…
Whoa! Right back at ya! You’re in a crazy police outfit and you got a neato gun…
Man: Fools! This place is dangerous. You should run!
Wh-What do you mean?!
Man: I’m from S.R.A.T.S., a special forces unit investigating some evil-sounding deaths of residents. I’ve lost my team, though…
Must be those zombie dogs! If you’re not a master of unlocking, you should pay attention or you’ll get eaten!
Special forces? Zombie dogs? Have you been playing too much of something?
Man: One warning. Ammo is limited, so make sure you aim for their heads!
I’m heading out now. Be careful, ladies. Man, I’m itchy. Itchy. Tasty. G-Good luck!
…Another geek pretending to be the main character of a game…

Gah, don’t sneak up like that.

But like I said, it’s a trap.

Video- “Ambush”


Whaaaat?! Ohmigosh, we were so close to the Key Fragment! Are you seriously gonna stalk me forever?
This is my last attempt to finish you off. Who knows if you’ll ever come back to Lastation after finding your Key Fragment.
…You’re right. Didn’t you really come here because you’re just kind of sad and you’ll miss playing with us?
N-No! I’m here to settle this. This has nothing to do with my loneliness or other emotions I definitely don’t have!
Wanting to settle this is, itself, an emotion of sorts. Whatever. It’s best to settle crap while you can.
Well, ‘cast no dirt into the well that gives you water,’ right? If she wants to settle things, let’s help her do that!

I mean she’s not going to give up another shot at Neptune.

Boss Battle: Black Heart
Another day, another fight with Black Heart. She uses a powerful multi-hit combo and a shooting attack that hits everyone, just drag her down while keeping defend up and you should be fine. She’s not as hard as the CPU Breaker was. Also savor this because we won’t be fighting her again for a long time.

Unfortunately, it turned out as poorly for her as every other attempt.

The True Goddess? Did someone tell you to defeat me in order to become that?
It has nothing to do with you since you lost your memory. But…!
…Are you satisfied? The three of us are a party, but next time we can do this one on one… if you want.
Sh-Shut up! I don’t care about that. This isn’t over! I’ll pay you back for this someday. Don’t ever forget that!

By sheer luck it turned out that, despite this being a trap, Black Heart’s tip was good.

Video- “Guard Vermin”


Boss Battle: Guard Vermin
Remember this guy from ages ago? He’s a lot tougher this time, hitting very hard and unleashing a cutscene attack at low health. Just play it like the CPU Breaker and you’ll be fine. It’s like the strategy for all these bosses is the same or something, crazy right?

Wait, those Key Fragment things are real? She’s not just making that up?

We need two more to save Miss Histy, right?
Just who is this Histy person? Your explanation is not unlike a coloring book, Nep.
Actually, I haven’t heard from her in a while. But who cares, y’know?! It’ll be a nice surprise for her when we save her!

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Plots! Extremists and the Overlord’s Messenger teaming up? Only a heroine of justice can foil this plot!

Brought to you by Lady White Heart.