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Part 28: Plots

Previously on Hyperdimension Neptunia, our heroines actually made progress towards their goal! Now, on Hyperdimension Neptunia…

Their business in Lastation done, Neptune and her friends headed to Lowee.

Video- “Friends in Lowee”


One, two, three, four… Okay, that’s all of it.
Compa, you drop five. Look more carefully.
Are you sure? I don’t see any… oh! There it is. Well, those are some eyes you’ve got, Gust!
I didn’t see them all, though.
Then how did you know there were five coins?
…The sound. Gust, guess how many coins are in my hand by the sound.
Seven. All from medal game.
Amazing! You even knew what kind of material the coins were. That’s a perfect skill for gambling…
So Gust, you wanna go make some money tonight?
IF, children should not gamble, no matter desire for money.

You have no idea how excited I get every time they come by.

Daughter: Nooo! Help, Dad!
Father: Not my daughter! What do you want?! My restaurant? Money? I’ll give you anything but my daughter!
Older Brother: Our sales should increase if we use her as sexy advertising for our restaurant.
Don’t worry. We’ll only use her for or marketing until she makes us enough money!
Father: How horrible! Someone, someone please come save my daughter!
Younger Brother: Hahaha, like anyone would hear you. This isn’t a comic book.
Hey you, right there! Yeah, you!
Those with hearts tainted with darkness will never understand what it’s like to be a father!
Older Brother: Gh…! Who’s there?!
I’ve no name to give to you cretins but justice!
Younger Brother: Oh, you’re the unzipped-shirt-flatty from the other day. ‘Sup?
Older Brother: What’re you trying to prove by wearing such a revealing outfit? Aren’t you embarrassed? Cold?
You’re THOSE brothers! Don’t you care speak of my glorious chest like that!
I’ll never forgive you! I’ll take you both to the cleaners and bleach your souls pure once more!
Older Brother: C’mon, brah. Let’s show this flatty heroine what we’re packin’.
Younger Brother: Okay. I mean, those can’t even be A-cups. Do they make AA?
Older Brother: Heh. How incriminating.
I’ll kill you! …Dammit!

I kinda like this lady, though. Those guys really rubbed me the wrong way. For no reason at all.

Younger Brother: Damn. I can’t believe no-boob managed to beat us. Maybe I was staring at her flat stomach. That’s not too bad.
Older Brother: Shut up! How could we lose?! Those things are like little hills on the horizon of a giant field.
Are these the lips that keep flapping and blabbering about my bubbies?! Huh?!
Younger Brother: St-Stop it! A heroine shouldn’t torture the citizens she’s sworn to protect!
Older Brother: What’re you doing to my little brah?! Look, the folks you saved are totally appalled by your actions! And flatness.
…Gah! Oops. I lost my composure…
Daughter: Th… Th-Thank you…
Father: Very… much…?

Moderatist: Look out, a monster! It’s coming into town!
What?! I must do something before it causes any havoc!
Younger Brother: Brah, it’s our chance to run.
Older Brother: We failed, but let’s get outta here.

I’m sure.

Oh, hello. We managed to beat that monster already, so don’t fret.
You girls beat me to it this time. I thank you for protecting the people with your burning hearts of justice.
Oh please, we only did what was necessary. Heehee, you’re flat-ahem! Sorry, phlegm. Flattering us.
…Looks like I’m no longer needed. A heroine must leave briskly, before she cries.
I’ll see you again, should fate allow our paths to cross once more.
Okay, bye-bye.
There you are, Compa. Who’re you talking to?
With Ms. Heroine from before. She just left.
Already? Busy as usual, huh? I wanted to ask her something important…
I’m sure she’ll be back again when danger strikes.
…Hopefully it doesn’t happen too soon.


Video- “Nisa Joins”


As long as we keep shooing them away, the townspeople will be okay.
I know, but there’ve been so many!
Iffy, this is a whine-free zone. I’m sure reinforcements are on the way.
That’s right! Never give up! Never surrender!
This voice…!
The keeper of Gamindustri’s justice, Nisa, is here to stay!
O threats to peace, thou shant take nary a step farther with my arrival!
Oh, I’m glad she’s here.
I wish I could tell you to go take a break, but there are too many for me this time. Fight with me, if you can…!
Okay. I feel good now that you’re here.
All right, let’s go get ‘em!

Wait, can we do that? Can I just shout JUMP CUT NEPTUNE IN A VOLCANO like a crazy person and it happens?

Monster: Graaaaar!
Awesome! Justice wins yet again!
Anyway, I can’t believe you all would take on a job like this. There are only three of you.
If you don’t accept your limits, you’ll end up accepting an early death.
We’re sorry, but we have our reasons. Right, Nep-Nep?
You betcha. We’re…
…I see.

…Okay. I think I’ll watch over you all for a while.
You’re on a journey for the sake of peace and justice, right?
I believe my assistance will come in handy.
Plus, I think I’ll find more helpless people should I tag along. We shall reach the source of the ultimate evil!
That’s my mission as a heroine, anyway.
…So, how do you like my offer?
Sure. I can’t really turn you down when you put it like that.
We’ll be stronger than ever with a real heroine on our team!
Cool. It’s a deal!

Sorry, not how it works. Their party had grown, but back in Lowee the forces of evil were stirring!

Video- “Messenger”


Ganache: Ah, who could this be? We’re not used to newcomers. How did you get past our sentries?
They’re, um, sleeping. Maybe you should hire more so they can get more rest. Overwork is a bad way to keep employees.
Ganache: Hmmm, I’m sure they get the same amount of off days as any other worker. Oh well.
How can I help? I suppose you’re not just here to see my magical smile.
I’ll be blunt. I want you to attack the Basilicom under my direct command.
Ganache: …Sounds dangerous. We alone couldn’t possibly carry that out. I suppose it depends on what you’ve got up your sleeve.
I wouldn’t want to scare you away just yet. Follow my orders and I promise you’ll find out eventually.
Ganache: You think we’re able to win? I cannot allow you to use us as if we were chess pieces.
Meh. It’s possible. This will end up being a good deal for you, too.
Ganache: You… seem pretty sketchy.
You’ve got the same discontent as me. Bound by your destiny, judged, all because you don’t worship your birth land’s CPU.
The Guild is a place to worship the goddesses as well, but only the Basilicom can be close to them.
Ganache: Ultimately, you should know, we plan to separate the filthy, corrupt Basilicoms and the goddesses.
So the Guild can serve them instead? That will never happen if you sit on your hands here! Now’s the time. You have my support.
Ganache: I can’t argue that. Regardless, going against the Basilicom is no easy task.
Then accept the label of heretic for the rest of your life. Pursue your beliefs in the shadows.
You’ve no chance to win right now, but I can make your chances of success almost absolute!

Wait so that was how this last bit started? Embarrassing.

Shh. Spoilers!

Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Raid! The Extremists attack!

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