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Part 29: Episdoe 29: Raid

Episdoe 29: Raid

Previously on…
Look, this isn’t okay. Go find your damn producer and tell him she has to go.
It’s not like I even wanted to be here, but we’re not going to fall behind Lowee in advertising.

Video- “Monster Appears”


What?! We’ve been bustin’ the jaws of so many! What about the goddess’ protection and stuff?
Why didn’t anyone notice this thing approaching the town? Those stupid guards must be completely useless.
I have no clue! It just popped up right there in the middle of town. Everyone’s in a big panic!

Okay, I’ll go talk to him, but it’s not going to change anything. Try not to screw up our age rating while I’m gone.

Moderatist: There are no witnesses. The first person who saw it said it appeared from out of thin air.
We don’t know how the monsters spawn. Maybe they do just sprout up out of nowhere in places.
…Then, there must be a reason for it to pop up in the middle of this specific town.
Let’s do all that thinking after we take care of this monster. It looks about ready to charge us!

Try not to screw up how bad you are at your job while you’re leaving. Or something. Damn, I’m so angry right now I can’t even insult well.

Boss Battle: Giant Bull
This guy’s pretty easy, you probably don’t even need to worry about guarding. I’ve got nothing to say about him, he doesn’t do much of interest.

It’s not like I’m happy about this either!

…Yeah. It didn’t drop any rare, shiny items, talk in a human language, or anything, really.
So that’s it?
No way. I’ve never heard of an event like this. We might have forgotten or missed something.
But it was just a normal little old monster. The only weird thing was Mr. heretic walking around.
Are you aware of what you just said? …Probably not. Why not repeat that to yourself?
But it was jut a normal little old monster. The only weird thing was Mr. Heretic walking around.
You saw a heretic?
…Yes, I sure did.

Also, did Neptune say something smart? What’s the world coming to?

Video- “Heretic’s Trap”


Heretic: I knew it. I knew someone would come after me. But I’ve long since given up returning to a normal life. I swore it off…
…That was an official ritual which creates a rift to the outside world.
A ritual? Didja use like summon magic or draw a pentagram to bring the monster?
Heretic: Pentagram? No, monsters appear without such things. Anytime, anywhere.
With this disc, such things are possible.
I sort of figured. So, that disc is the cause of these monsters.
Where didja get something like that? It looks like a really rare item. I don’t wanna use it, but I kinda want one too!
Heretic: …Do you? Then, I’ll give you this one. It’s a different color, like a manufacturing error. Super rare!

Yeah, we’d probably be in trouble if she consistently stopped doing really stupid things.

Could you be any more careless?! Who knows what that disc will do! Wipe that stupid grin off your face and get away from us!
So, Mr. Heretic, what sorta monster is in this disc? I’m not gonna use it. I’m just curious and stuff.
Heretic: …Nothing at all! That’s why it’s super rare.
What?! That’s totally unexpected. Shouldn’t it be rare cuz it’s got like a really cool monster in it? Ugh, useless.
Heretic: Listen. Empty discs can do a lot of unique things. Instead of summoning, you could even seal things away…
They’ll learn something in there. Lucky for me, that loud girl was so easy to manipulate.

Good thing that’ll never happen.

I wish it weren’t true, but it seems you’re right. How do we get out? I’ve never been trapped inside a disc before…
No worries! You’re not the only one. Let’s get Professor Iffy to guide us out. Today’s lesson: ‘How to escape disc land!’
I’ve never been trapped in a disc before, either. We might just have to sit tight until we’re summoned back out.
By Mr. Heretic? Do you think he’ll ever throw the disc at someone and say ‘I choose you, Compiffytune?’
That’s incredibly unlikely.
Aww… ughhh… w-wahh…wahhh…
Uh-oh! Compa’s gonna start bawling again! Professor, what d’we do?!
I mean, we’re smarter than monsters, right? Maybe we’ll find a way out a lot quicker than we think.
Yeah! We got in this thingy, so there’s gotta be a way out! Let’s start marching, Compa!
O-Okay… wahh…

It’s unfortunate that breaking things and hurting people was a solution to being trapped in that disc, because she’s good at that.

Video- “The Centaur Cannot Hold”


Yes. Actually, I do.
What if that thingy is the center of the disc? Would we be able to snap the disc and escape by beating it up? Maybe?
Yeah, right. That’s just way too random.
Well, I mean, it’s a kinda typical scenario. Plus, there’s always stuff to gain from winning a battle! It’s win-win!
…I guess we’ll earn some experience points, maybe an item. I think your theory is weak, though.
Let’s fight and get back to our world! We’ll talk to Mr. Heretic all stern and angrily!

Wait, a centaur? That’s… no.

Boss Battle: Centaur
The Centaur hits pretty hard but isn’t nearly as bad as say the CPU Breaker, if you just keep your Guard up you’ll be fine. Also seriously it’s the Centaur of the disc, they really made that joke.

Yeah, that narrator guy would be losing his shit if he was here.

Heretic: I really can’t believe you broke the disc to escape. Just who are you girls?!
We’re Basilicom spies! Boo!
Well, no, not really. We’re here to inspect this dungeon by the Basilicom’s request.
We found out your discs are the cause of the monsters. So, where did you get them?
Heretic: They were given by Overlord Momus’s messenger. Leading monsters to spawn in this world is my new mission.
That’s why you were summoning them?! This is a big no-no!
Heretic: You don’t know anything, you busty brat! You’ll be punished for this. The world will die without monsters!
I ain’t gonna let that happen! Compa, Iffy, and I will never let this world die!
Heretic: How could I trust three little girls?! Your hollow confidence means nothing to me compared to the Overlord’s punishment.
Looks like he’s lost all faith in the goddesses. We can’t possibly expect him to believe in our words.
I feel the same for once, actually. We believe in the goddesses, but he believes in this Overlord person.
Nep-Nep, just but up his discs. We should leave him alone after that.
You really can’t believe in us? Please! I totally promise we’ll do it!
…Fine, whatever. But if you ever wanna trust us, just stop summoning monsters, okay?

Did, like, something important just happen? Like something we should have paid attention to?

What should we do? Should we bust all the heretics in the whole wide world?
Nope, we’ll deal with it later. They’re not the problem here. Well, like, maybe fifty percent or something…
The Overlord’s messenger is giving these discs out like candy. That’s the main problem, right?
Candy? I wish! But you’re right. This’ll never end, otherwise.
That’s a pretty solid thought, coming from you, Nep. All right, let’s tackle the source.

I don’t know, every time I try to listen to Neptune I feel like I’m getting dumber so I haven’t been paying much attention.
So, are we out of material?
Oh, right. Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Revolt! The Extremists get totally destroyed by the awesome and undefeatable Lady White Heart. This is a thing that happens, I am not lying.

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