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Part 46: Green Heart

Oh dear, am I doing this right? Yes? Okay, previously on Hyperdimension Neptunia, we hung out with Noire. Really? How fun.
Hey, keep it together.

There are tons of cosplayers and they’re all gorgeous. I can’t wait for the next one in six months.
Who should I dress up as…?
…Speaking of, there was a girl who reminded me a bit of White Heart.
It’s not unusual to see commoners try to emulate the CPUs, but that girl was pretty much identical…
I know she likes to read, but she wouldn’t be seen at a con, right?
I read one of the books the girl was selling, but… Her writing was seriously, outrageously bad.
The character names were all spelled in ways impossible to pronounce. Who has that many apostrophes in their name?!
The weapons and skills were written one way, but meant something completely different.
Plus, there were far too many instances of amateur onomatopoeia.
Why would a writer take up half a page with just explosion sounds?
B-But it’s not like I’m a writer. Still, it was pretty unacceptable.
…She couldn’t possibly have been White Heart. Such writing should never be associated with any CPU. Disgraceful.

How long does one of these “updates” take, anyway? I’ve got a raid later.

Um, ‘thank you for your protection.’ I guess I don’t mind being thanked in a comment post.
This one says ‘please update more often.’
I would every day if I could. N-Not that I want to be such a celebrity. Still, such a comment motivates me.
Hah. ‘Lady Black Heart is a cutey.’ I’m glad someone can appreciate beauty.
…’Lady Black Heart is my wife.’ ‘No, she’s mine.’ ‘Huh? The hell’re you saying?’
I wish they’d keep this garbage off my page and bicker elsewhere. Still, it just shows how popular I really am.
Next one…

Oh, ugh. I can’t even bear to read this one aloud.
This sucks. It ruined my good mood completely.
Oh, I know. Before I delete it, I’ll copy the comment…
Not like I ever check them, but I keep the other CPU’s blogs bookmarked…
Paste it in their newest entries…
Change it a little bit… There.
Let’s see how they deal with that.

Ugh, don’t leave me alone with Neptune!

Video- “Gust and Nisa in Leanbox”


Younger Brother: Yeah, brah. There’s no door we can’t open.
Older Brother: I’m glad we moved to Leanbox. There are tons of expensive items in these dumb Aristocrat houses.
Younger Brother: Why don’t we go sell this crap and get some booze already?
Caught you, thieves!
Older Brother: Who’s there?!
Have you forgotten my face?!
Older Brother: Yeah, but I remember those non-tits! It’s the Bilboard Hero!
Younger Brother: Damn man, why’s she have to appear everywhere?!
You have the nerve to keep chatting colloquially about my beautiful breasts…!
I’ll make you get on your knees and whip you until you’re traumatized for life!
Older Brother: Sounds sexy, but let’s see you try! We’re not thieves for no reason!
Let’s go, brah. We’ll use our secret skill to defeat this breastless zero!
Younger Brother: You got it. Just so you know, there hasn’t been a single flatty who’s survived this skill.
Older Brother: Geh… Looks like we’re in a rut today. Brah, let’s retreat.
Younger Brother: Yeah, okay. We’ll see you again, pancake rack!
Gahhh! They got away again. I’ll show them what’s what next time.

I’m right here. You are saying this right in front of me.

These are… Portable phone chargers from Planeptune and a cell phone battery.
I tweaked them a bit.
Tweaks? I don’t see any… What’d you do?
Gust show you now. Change cell phone battery to this one.
Okay… There.
Now turn on this battery switch…
Whoa! What’s this? It says it’s charging now.
This is complete form of wireless charger.
How did you do this?
This is better than the previous version.
This tweaked portable charger transfers electricity to battery.
It can reach up to ten meters!
Your idea just got stolen the other day, but it’s amazing how fast you recovered and topped it.
Actually, I checked inside copycat product.
I saw guy use interesting technique to bring down production cost.
I was running out of idea.
So, I used his idea now.
The cost to make went down, too. I’m sure people will be interested in this.
…I hope that guy won’t complain about this. He seems pretty sketchy.
There should be no problem. I paid for copycat product when I buy, like he did mine.
Plus, I own patent of wireless charger.
If he tries anything, I sue him good.
…Was this all your plan from the beginning?
This is all as planned.

LWE Feinne on Neptunia Game Mechanics: Recruiting Green Heart Edition
Leanbox is actually even easier to gain shares in, because there are quests that just require you to go in and find the hidden item in the dungeon (which is always in the same place) and a lot of really easy boss kills. If you beat Black Heart you’re already in great shape to beat Green and White Hearts so you shouldn’t need more prep.

Also, I seem to recall you looking really sad and bored after we got rid of Neptune in act one.

The Sanctified: I apologize for the inconvenience. She’s out fighting monsters, like last time.
Since the Aristocrat ordeal, she’s seemed so determined to act like a real goddess.
So? Should we go look for her in dungeons?
No, let’s hole up here. I wanna talk to her in a comfy chair and preferably with a soda.
I disagree. She might never come back, especially if she overheats again.

And how would you know, you passed out from the effort!

Video- “The Challenge”


Oooh… Oh, Compa… Nep-Nep… and Iffy?
She’s like a broken record! Please don’t move. I’ll get some ice packs and cool you down right now.
I know you’re trying, but these monsters aren’t gonna stop spawning until we beat up Arfoire, y’know?
If we isolate Leanbox and destroy all the spawn discs, the monsters will eventually go away…
Maybe you’re right, but it’s better to just take care of Arfoire first. You can fight all you want after that!
After that? You’re the same irresponsible little girl even after you’ve gotten your memory back.
Exterminate all monsters as soon as possible. That’s my responsibility as goddess of this land.
I getcha, but nobody can take down Arfoire besides us magical transforming girls.
Lady Green Heart, are you okay?
You look like you’re getting impatient, trying to make up for the time you feel you wasted until now.

Oh, don’t fight over me!

I understand how you feel, but please take your time to think about this. You might be wasting your efforts right now.
As Nep-Nep said, none of the critter trouble will stop until we get rid of Arfoire.
However, I can’t just leave these monsters here and go with you!
Ugh, you’re as stubborn as a mule! Nothing matters unless we get Arfoire first. It’s not a matter of neglecting the issue!
…Fine. Then why don’t we solve this in a one-on-one battle? Shall we see who is correct through force?
Might makes right, huh? Accepted! If I win, you’ll admit I’m correct, cute, skinny, and come with us?
C-Certainly. I’ll face you in my goddess form…!
…You remember this now, right? The others seem rather calm, though.

…Wha-?! You transformed! I’ve seen that underboob before. We’ve fought!
…I’m glad you’re surprised to see this.
Otherwise, what’s the point of a dramatic transformation sequence? Anyway, I’m ready. Here I come!

Shut up already! This isn’t even about you!

Video- “Versus Green Heart”


Boss Battle: Green Heart
This works the same way as Black Heart, she uses increasingly powerful attacks as her health decreases. Drag her down and keep your guard up, because once she gets low she really can hit like a train.

Technically I think it was, but you should still be quiet Neptune.

She’s completely overheated. She’s unconscious!
Makes things easier. I don’t want her kicking and screaming or whatever. We might get in trouble with the Basilicom.
…Nep, you sound like a kidnapper.

LWE Feinne on Neptunia Game Mechanics:
And here’s Green Heart:

So don’t let the current stats fool you, Green Heart is really bad at gun attacks in practice. They might do okay damage but she just doesn’t have a lot of them and the ones she does have aren’t really that impressive. Once she gets her first weapon upgrade from the store we’ll be able to see her really shine, because her physical attack power will absolutely skyrocket. Vert is really fast and probably the second toughest CPU, so she’s great on the front lines. One thing to note is that her ultimate attack, Spiral Break, requires her to be in HDD. Also, her Transforms tend to act as Switches instead of Combo Links when she’s already in HDD. Set up her combos as you would any CPU pretty much. She has one alternate costume available at the start, and it’s pretty great actually.

Once she gets high enough to trigger her first new weapon appearing in the store she will become absolutely brutal, so make sure you bring her in for your share grinding and such even if you don’t want to use her on the front line for some reason.

Oh, are we done? Very well. Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Vert. Obviously this will be the best episode of all.