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Part 48: CPU White Heart

Ugh, and I’m back here? What a pain in the ass. No, I’m not going to dignify the last episode by describing it.
Glad to see you’ve not changed.

Video- “Vert’s Gift”


The Sanctified: Welcome back, Lady Green Heart. My, that’s quite a killing you’ve brought home.
I ended up playing the crane game a lot and won all the prizes.
The Sanctified: I didn’t know crane games had prizes besides stuffed animals.
They’ve got everything! Figures, pillows, snacks, electronic appliances…
Some places have green algae as a prize, too. It’s tricky to pinch with the crane.
The Sanctified: Sounds… interesting. What’s this square thing with an image on it? A mirror?
This is a counterfeit prize.
I don’t know which company produces it, but it’s using an image taken off the internet.
Of course, without the express consent of the original owner.
The Sanctified: That’s horrible.
I can’t believe buyers would agree to purchase products like this to put on their shelves.
Anyway, enough of that prattling. I’ve got a gift for you.
The Sanctified: F-For me?
It’s just a stuffed animal I won two of, but it’s a thank you for letting me sneak off all the time.
Is it to your liking?
The Sanctified: Thank you very much. This will be my family’s prized heirloom!
You’re overreacting a little bit…

Oh hell no, I’m not putting up with any shit from you.

Video- “More Blogging”


Let’s see… Most of these are asking for more frequent updates. Every day? What am I, a robot?
As someone who runs a game walkthrough website, it’s hard to update my blog every day, too.
Anything else…?

…That’s a rather disappointing comment.
Hmhmhm. I’ve got an idea. Before I delete it and ban their IP… I’ll copy this comment, and…
I haven’t checked recently, but I have the other CPU’s blogs saved as favorites. There they are… I’ll go to hers.
Paste the comment in the newest entry…
Change it a little bit… Done.
Hmhmhmm. I wonder how she’ll react.

Are you seriously going to act like this the whole time we’re together? I mean n-not that I was expecting us to have a fun time now that we’re all together or something.

Video- “Tenacity”


We’re not here to sightsee, Histy. Nep and you have to somehow convince the bitchy Lady White Heart to help us.
Iffy and I will wait outside. We don’t want to make Lady White Heart nervous.
We’re outsiders to her. She was even upset when Nep didn’t remember her past as a goddess.
I dunno about that! It’s okay. I’ll do my best to pester her, even if you two are there!
You don’t have to pester her. Just go.
Arfoire isn’t going to wait for you while you waste your time here.
Lady White Heart was stubborn, but I bet she’ll understand if you’re honest with her. Go, Nep-Nep and Histy!

Good, because that isn’t going to happen.

…You brought them in without my consent?
Hey, now! You shouldn’t be so mean to someone who buys your groceries and stuff!
Hello. We have returned to persuade you again. We absolutely need your strength. Please, lend us your aid!
…No matter how many times you come to annoy me, my answer’s the same. I won’t team up with weak, chubby idiots.
Ch-Chubby?! Tell me why! Lowee is being attacked by monsters too, right?!
…The monsters are an issue, sure, but how do you even know that’s due to Arfoire?
Cuz Histy said so. Our war in Celestia, manipulation of the Guild, the Evangelist… it’s all because of her!
…Neptune. Your memory is all back, huh? Then you must understand.
…I trust no one. The Console War that started this mess… Who knows what anyone’s thinking?
You can’t trust anyone? Didn’t ya see it yourself? Arfoire, the monsters?!
…I only trust my Basilicom and nobody other than myself.
I am here to protect my people and this land.
…I can’t possibly leave them because of some flat, pantless girl… a tome… or our former goddess.

Oh, stop being such a stick in the mud!

Do you not think stopping Arfoire is something you must do for the sake of your land and its people?
…Not really.
Don’tcha think this is our, the goddesses’, responsibility to stop a maverick goddess?
…Not really.
The world is in danger! I know it is hard to believe, but do you not think it would be too late if her plan is left unchecked?
…I’d rather not think like that.
Nope, Don’t wanna think about it. Leave. To me, you are all the villains here.
I see a little bit of Arfoire in you, too. You are stubborn and will not listen to reason.
…! Wh-What’d you do with Arfoire in this kinda situation?
You just have to keep pestering her. Of course, I ended up beating her a bit.
…Beat her?

Stick in the…? Oh, you are going to regret that.

Beat her, huh? Survival of the fittest… It’s the universe’s golden rule.
…Go ahead. If you want. You’re right. I should’ve used force from the very start!
I knew that tomboy Newtype was you. I wasn’t sure even when my memory came back, but I was right after all!
…I’m popular in my human form here. Kids and senior citizens, mostly. We haven’t settled anything between us.
Hopefully there will be no interruptions. You’ve been an eyesore for thousands of years… This will settle it.

What, do you want to fight again? That didn’t go so well for you last time.

Video- “Versus White Heart”


Boss Battle: White Heart
Same as the other two really. She will start using her more powerful attacks when her health gets low. If you beat them, you’ll beat her. Especially since Neptune gets at least one level from winning each of these fights.


Video- “Tricks”


Ohmigosh, enough already! Histy and I aren’t gonna be able to force you to come…?
Is this really about your people and land? What else is on your mind? Will you tell us?
…I just don’t wanna be around Neptune.
I frickin’ hate you! Everything you do! I hate it all! Your boobs are bigger than mine! UGH! I’ll never help you, scum!
Whoa! That’s so blunt. Why d’you get all butch like that sometimes, anyway?
Where are your two slutty girlfriends? …Whatever, I’m over it. I’m out!
I hated you from the first time I saw you. Your stupid face, your personality… I hate idiots like you. There’s my reason!
What’s that snotty chuckle?! What’s up with you? Think you’re better than me?!
…No. I was around Arfoire for a very long time.
I remember when she used to act like you. She was saying the opposite of what she truly felt…

And anyway you don’t have to try so hard, it’s just us here.

Neptune, I think she is envious of your personality, smile, breasts, and loves you despite such envy.
Really? For really reals? Awesome! So you were being a meanie because you like me?
You! Hell no! I hate that stupid gullibility, too!
Mm-hmm! I think it’s like my weakness and my strength.
Wh-What the hell’s wrong with you? I’m insulting you, ya bitch! Why don’t you cry and whine about it like the outsider?!
Okay, so you’ve got a thing for sensitive girls like Compa. I see…
I feel like I understand her a lot more thanks to you, Histy.
I am glad. Then, how about we try one more time and ask her to come with us?
Okay! Well, um… We don’t need no useless goddess wannabe like you! We’ll go fight Arfoire by ourselves, you big jerk!
What’d you say?! I ain’t backin’ off! Take me there and I’ll kill her by myself!
Histy, did I do it?
Yes, I think so. She agreed to come with us, after all.
…Wait, what?! Agh, dammit all! I totally fell for it… Dammit!

LWE Feinne on Neptunia Game Mechanics: CPU White Heart Edition
And we’ve finally got our last character, CPU White Heart. Let’s take a look.

White Heart is a relatively balanced character offensively, with a good set of physical and magical attacks. Her ultimate, Hard Break, is also by far the cheapest ultimate attack in the game. Defense is where she really shines, though, having a ton of health and really high defensive stats. She’s kind of slow but overall she’s still pretty good on the front lines. Her items are pretty standard and boring. Oh, and all her attacks but Hard Break are in German, no idea why. Let’s look at her other costumes!

I like that their hair and eye colors change to fit with the costuming, it’s pretty cool. Anyway we have all four goddesses now, so the ending will change.

Just… shut up. Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Blanc. Do we have to have an episode about me?