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Part 51: The Last Battle?!

Last time on Hyperdimension Neptunia we just sort of floundered around doing nothing. And this time does a bunch of stuff without us because she is an idiot.

Video- “The Last Battle?!”


Compa! Are you doubting the cute little Histy now? She didn’t lie about the Key Fragments!
You’re right, but… She didn’t get back to us even once. We ended up finding all of them on foot.
It’s probably because the weapons were in pieces. It may have caused her research to take a long time.
Histy’s got so much on her shoulders. If only Arfoire stayed quiet, we wouldn’t hafta go through all this trouble.
Haaaah ha ha ha! Well, so sorry for not saying quiet. Y’know, I don’t take orders very well.
My grandpa would say ‘speak of the devil and he shall appear!’ I remember you! …Barely!
Could you have seriously forgotten my face at this juncture? Anyway, you still plan to rebel and listen to Histoire?!
There is no turning back once you open the path to Celestia. For either of us!
Aww, c’mon, Arfie! We collected the four weapons and were gettin’ amped up about the journey. You’re here too early!
Arfie…? Am I a dog now? Good to know you’re still energetic, because this fight will be different. Let’s go, one on one!
Are you just trying to stop Nep? Do you really think we’ll let you?

No it’s pretty fair to call you an idiot when you went through all this effort to get our help and then go off alone and get in a fight with Arfoire immediately after.

Whoa! Damn… I-I can’t move a single muscle in my body… Wh-What’d she do?!
Oh nooooooo, me neither…!
Hey now, Arfie! Stop that! Bad! What’d you do? Let ‘em go!
I told you it will be different this time. I’ve barricaded the area with a simple seal. Enough to restrain their actions!
You wanted to face me, right? Settle this, right? Then you better take advantage of this opportunity!
Or are you not confident without your little fangirls? How disgusting, Neptune!
Dammit, I can’t move! …Nep, don’t worry about us. Hurry and protect Histoire!
Y-Yes… Run while you can…!
How could I leave my buddies behind?! Beating Arfoire is the whole reason we collected the weapons, right?
There won’t be any chance if I lost you two. Plus, she’s right here! What’s the point in taking the weapons to Histy?!
Ugh… Nep is right…
Haaaah ha ha ha! Splendid! This is getting interesting, as I had hoped.
You’re really pushing my buttons this time! Don’t get mad if I accidentally hurt you really, really bad!
Shut up. Your powers aren’t enough to tickle me. This is your final stop, Neptune!

What were you three even doing, anyway?

Video- “Showdown”


Boss Battle: Arfoire
So we’re fighting Arfoire again, this time with just Neptune. She’s pretty easy compared to the Goddesses, she has a lot less health and doesn’t hit as hard. She will start using a super attack at low health, but it shouldn’t be a huge problem for you if you are at the sort of level you should be this late in the game.

I don’t even remember, I pretty much just do things at random.

Don’t bug me! Evil will never get what it wants. You see that you’re totally the villain here, right?
Nep, don’t let her go! You’ve got to finish her off!
Gah! Even if the path to Celestia is open, there’s nothing you can do… Stop this nonsense!
Hey! W-Wait, Arfoire! Wait…! Nep… You let her go on purpose.
I’m more worried about my fanclub. Plus, you two owe her a couple of slaps. I didn’t wanna take your fun away.
Can you stand? Let’s go say hi to Histy.

And I did totally ask you to come with us when we opened the path to Celestia and you all blew me off.

Video- “The Open Path”


Yes. I have followed along with your journey in the records, as well!
Great work. Looks like you got all the right ones.
So what should we do now?
I have finished preparations on my end. Come over here.

No, you asked me if I wanted to come hang out in a smelly cave while you did something that didn’t require more than just you and Histoire. This is what I distinctly remember.

This room contains the ‘keyholes’ for each weapon.
Yeah, I see indentations on each of the four walls…!
Now go and place the weapons in the order I specify. First is the spear, into the east wall.
That’s Miamoato’s Trust Spear, right? …Th-There.
Now the gun, into the south wall.
South is that way, right? Kuterogi’s Dual Revolver… Okay, it’s in!
Next is the bow, into the west wall.
West is opposite east… Gheytz’s Wisdom Bow… Got it!
Last is the sword, placed into the north wall.
The hero Yuzusuki’s Trinity Blade…!
Ancient heroes… Release the pathway to Celestia from your seal!
…I-Is everybody all right? The path is open now.
The path connecting the human world with Celestia…
Th-This is it, huh…?!
Neptune, the time has come. It is time to face Arfoire and save the world!

I distinctly remember you being a poopie-head. Next Time on Hyperdimension Neptunia: Arfoire’s Secret Castle! What seriously? She has one of those?