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It is dark in the cave

by That Italian Guy

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Original Thread: It is dark in the cave - Let's Play a Neural Network's idea of a CYOA!



Neural Networks. What are they? It is a mystery.

CYOA. What are they? Is is a mystery. Ok we know what CYOAs are, here on SA.

This thread aims to solve the age old question: what happens when you mash the 2 things together? This is the only way to answer. For example, this is what I got when I fed it the very first paragraph of the first Lone Wolf book:

Silent Wolf? posted:

This scenario is based on the rules of the Dark Age of Magic from Matt Costello’s Fantasy Flight Games Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Companion. The player characters are the last of the Kai, sent to Sommerlund to protect the inhabitants and fight back the Darklords.

The events in the scenario are all non-linear. Every player has a unique choice of which choices they make at the start of the adventure.

The scenario is suitable for 3-4 players with a 40 minute game time, with each player having their own adventure “campaign”.

Silent Wolf features 8 RPG sub-systems, including:

1. Supererogatory Intuition (Insight)

2. Knowledge (Skill, History)

3. Impact (Strength of Will)

4. Willpower (Persuasion, Charm)

5. Anger (Strength of will)

6. Righteousness (Torment)

7. Understanding (Persuasion, Insight)

8. Good Luck (Intimidation)

Silent Wolf has been designed for replayability. Every player has the opportunity to play one of the Kai Lords and change the course of history. If you don’t like Silent Wolf then you can play another scenario or another game!

Each player begins with his or her own unique Kai Council (a group of allies that included the Kai Councilor) and their personal wizard. Other units, including the Darklords and their armies, must be purchased using the gold that you earn from different tasks that you have to complete.
Those seems way cooler than most Kai Powers.

Now, it's time to get real. Bolded text is the prompt I gave to the NN. The rest is what was spat out. Join me into this dangerous journey...


It is dark in the cave.

A cool draft comes through the jagged opening to guide our footsteps and caress our skin, but I'm still dizzy, like the last time I was here, trapped in a coffin with Xavier and Sebastian.

It feels like I'm inside a pressure cooker and my head is so full of thoughts and memories and things I didn't remember.

I feel numb and breathless.

"Help me!"

I whisper, trying to sound more confident.

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9. 12 / 18 / 2014 What if?
10. I shake my head.
11. What if I have a dark future now?
12. What if he dies?
13. What if Sebastian dies?
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