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King's Quest II

by DoubleNegative

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Original Thread: Sometimes It Is Wise To Think Backwards - Let's Play the King's Quest Series!



The 1987 sequel to the hit game from 1984, King's Quest 2... really didn't improve on the original in many ways, if at all. This game is a direct sequel to the first King's Quest game, set a few months later.

King Graham is lonely and wants a wife, so the magic mirror shows him a beautiful woman locked in a tower. He sets out to find this woman. That's seriously the plot.

Believe it or not, but this game is shorter than the first.

About the LP

My LP of the first King's Quest game was done in a VGA remake. While such a remake exists for this game, I don't think it's very good at all. It stripped away most of the puzzles from the original version and left only the basic framework. The AGDI team then filled in the blanks with their terrible King's Quest fanfiction. They tried, badly, to link this game to later games in the series instead of letting it stand on its own.

This is all a very roundabout way to say that this LP, if you couldn't guess from the neat gif above, will be done in the original AGI version of the game. We're firmly in the land of text parsers and 1980s Sierra Bullshit, folks.

Table of Contents

#1 - Welcome to Kolyma
#2 - Robbing the Dwarf
#3 - Getting the Story Going
#4 - A Poiiiisonous Snake
#5 - This Game Has A Lot of Poison
#6 - Vampire Killer
#7 - Tower on the Island
#8 - Bonus! Stuff I missed! Killing EVERYTHING
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