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Part 8: Episode 8 - The Dream At Nightmare's End


Episode 8 - The Dream At Nightmare's End
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Time to wake up.

I'm going to spoiler my thoughts on this because if you haven't seen the ending before, you deserve to see it blind.

This ending kills me, I cried the first time I saw it playing the Wii version of the game and couldn't quite avoid tearing up either during recording or commentary. It's a really unique ending for a game like this, a colourful platformer. We defeated the evil ones and saved the world. But the world isn't ours, It never was and now we don't even get to stay in it. It would all be for nothing though without Hewpoe running to grab Klonoa at the end as he's getting sucked away, he knows it's fruitless and his friend is going to be taken away but damn it he's got to at least try. It's a brilliant ending to a great game, and compounded at the end of the credits as we finally see what that book we've been seeing all game is.

All the second post stuff is updated including the Song of Rebirth and the Credits music. Next time we'll get started on Empire of Dreams.