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Original Thread: Dreaming of the Wind - Let's Play Klonoa!



The Games

Klonoa was Namco's first attempt at a platforming mascot before they just said "Screw it" and turned Pac-Man into a platforming non-icon. Still the series brought 3 great games that are among my favourite platformers for their visual and level design. The focus is less on dramatic threats and fine jumps and instead more on puzzle ideals. Gameplay is most easily likened to Kirby, in that the main focus is using enemies to help progress. The series pretty much stopped outside Japan in 2002 but Klonoa himself still appears in cameo form throughout Namco's games.

Klonoa is also just a great looking character. He's a cat with huge flappy ears and has a sweet Pac-Man hat. Plus Hewpoe's ring gives him some serious bling cred.

Watch the intro!

Door to Phantomile is the first game in the series, released for Christmas 1997 in Japan (hence the snowy boxart) and mid-1998 everywhere else. It uses the 2.5D style utilised by lots of games at the time, with 3D models and enviroments but gameplay strictly on a 2D plane. However the mix of the 2 is used very well to give levels a twisty sense of size with enough branching paths to hide treats and bonuses. The game was given a beautiful lick of paint and re-released on the Wii in 2009 (where I first played it in full) and is also available to download via PSN.

The second game of the series moved us from the Playstation to the Game Boy Advance in 2001, gone is the 3D effect (naturally) but the puzzle-platforming remains in a purely 2D form. While endearingly expressive character models can't really be done on the GBA we do get some very lovely sprites, damn near all the elements from Door to Phantomile and a lot of game for our money. The game is split into 5 worlds, each divided into 10 levels. Of course this being a portable game designed for play on the move, these levels are considerably shorter than those in Phantomile and put a far greater emphasis on exploration. PLUS! This game marks the best first appearance of what everyone's in this thread for. THE GOD DAMN HOVERBOARD!!

All this good is balanced out by what might be one of the most hilariously stupid stories to ever infect a videogame even once we leave aside the complete ignorance of Door to Phantomile's brilliant ending. Prepare this emote because I have a feeling you'll be using it a lot.


Lunatea's Veil is one of the best platformers ever made and the fourth game released under the Klonoa name (in English anyway) after Phantomile, Empire and Beach Volleyball. Once again Klonoa finds himself in a dream, now officially referred to as the Dream Traveller and is tasked with escorting the Priestess Lolo to each of 5 bells across the world of Lunatea. Gameplay remains faithful to the 2.5D style established in Door to Phantomile, with the extra power afforded by the PS2 being used to pretty up enviroments and include many elements introduced in Empire of Dreams. It also makes a much longer game, with 24 levels compared to Phantomile's 12. This longer length is helped by a great amount of variety, with rollercoasters, water slides and the FREAKING HOVERBOARD being used to break up the platforming. There are a lot of other little changes and additions that make the whole game better, including a world map and status screen so stages can be replayed instantly instead of having to wait for the end of the game.

The LP

I'm going to be playing through the 3 main games. Door to Phantomile, Empire of Dreams and Lunatea's Veil. While there are all kinds of collectables and stuff in the games I'm not going to be worried about 100% completion, I'll try to get everything where I can but I won't lose any sleep if I miss something.

For Door to Phantomile we'll be doing 1 world per video, each world being 2 levels and the boss. I'll be putting links to the game's music in the second post, since this game has kick ass music and the main theme if nothing else will be stuck in your head for years.

Another thing, the story at least in Door to Phantomile is one of the best platformer stories I've ever seen. So I want to request ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS. Not even in tags please, if you haven't played or seen these games before then believe me you're in for a real treat as far as the story goes. Anyway, let's get down to business!


Youtube playlist

Youtube playlist

Episode 1 - The Beginnings of Gale
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 2 - Deep in the Dying Forest
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 3 - Rebirth of the Forest
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
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Episode 4 - A Village in Danger
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
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Episode 5 - The Four Orbs
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 6 - The Legendary Kingdom
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 7 - The Time of Restoration
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 8 - The Dream At Nightmare's End
-Youtube- -Blip-
Update Post

Episode 1 - Punching Things
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 2 - Elevator Muzika
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 3 - Pumps Everywhere
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 4 - Priorities
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
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Episode 5 - Master Chef
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
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Episode 6 - Biological Warfare
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 7 - C-O-N-....spiracy
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
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Episode 8 - All Your Blocks In A Row
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 9 - Just A Dream (Again)
-Youtube- -Blip- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 1 - Sea of Tears
-Youtube- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 2 - La-Lakoosha
-Youtube- -Polsy-
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-Youtube- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 4 - A Kingdom of War
-Youtube- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 5 - Once More With Fire
-Youtube- -Polsy-
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Episode 6 - Biting Social Commentary
-Youtube- -Polsy-
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Episode 7 - The Memory Maze
-Youtube- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 8 - Out Of Her Shell
-Youtube- -Polsy-
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Episode 9 - For Whom The Bell Tolls
-Youtube- -Polsy-
Update Post

Episode 10 - Electrical Uppercut
-Youtube- -Polsy-
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Episode 11 - Wing Walking
-Youtube- -Polsy-
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Episode 12 - One Final Climb
-Youtube- -Polsy- -Uncommentated-
Update Post

Episode 13 - Acceptance
-Youtube- -Polsy-
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Bonus - Klonoa's Whirlwind Adventure
-Youtube- -Polsy-



Our main feline, has giant floppy ears and one of the greatest hats to ever grace a videogame character.

Door to Phantomile


A wind spirit and Klonoa's best friend who crashed to ground in a magical ring. Can grab enemies and inflate them to be thrown around.


A diva from the Moon Kingdom, tasked with singing the Song of Rebirth in order to save the world.


Our big bad for this game, he's kidnapped Lephise to prevent her from singing the Song of Rebirth to save the world.


Ghadius' right hand....thing. Is pretty cool, though could stand to lose a few pounds. He's faithful and clearly extremely capable as a henchman, committed to his cause.

Balue the Mason

Balue is building a tower to reach the Moon Kingdom and meet Lephise, he's pretty much every creepy internet stalker with additional masonry skills.


Klonoa's grandpa, who knows a lot about such mystical stories like the Moon Kingdom. Also has ridiculously large ears and a cool hat, must run in the family.


The king of Jugpot, is a pretty chill dude with a hell of a viking beard. Commands the cutest soldiers in all the land.

Karal and Pamela

These 2 fish are pretty cool and adorable. Karal's mother Pamela is the boss of World 2 along with Seadoph, both of whom are under Ghadius' control while Karal is locked up in a cage.


Forlock's Granny knows pretty much everything that's going on anywhere. This probably makes her our most important ally. Sorry Grandpa.

Solare and Soleil

A pair of priests in the Temple of the Sun, Solare is strait-laced and diplomatic while Soleil is more sarcastic and frank. They're a cool pair and I'm sad we don't get to see more of them.

High Priest Moire

The big man in the Temple of the Sun, is all business but a little pessimistic. Nowhere near as interesting as Solare and Soleil.

The Queen of Cress and Hewpoe's true form

Hewpoe finally reveals his true form as the Prince of Cress, the Moon Kingdom and it's rather horrifying. His mother, the Queen is a little less nightmare inducing to look at if something of a non-entity character-wise.

Lunatea's Veil

Lolo and Popka

Our companions for Lunatea's Veil, a clumsy priestess and her long-suffering friend/bodyguard. In gameplay terms Lolo fills Hewpoe's role as wind bullet while Popka can be "controlled" by a second controller to effectively give Klonoa a last chance style double jump.


A prophet, filling the role of guy who tells us where to go. Not terribly interesting as a character.

High Priestess

The head of the Lunatea priestesshood(?), can seem a little stuffy and distant but shows real concern for Lola's safety. A nice person basically.

Leorina and Tat

AKA the best characters. Leorina is a cold-hearted and calculating sky pirate which makes her about 200% pure filtered awesome already, then Tat is the crafty trickster who seems to be able to talk herself out of every situation. Together they form a similar pairing to Ghadius and Joka, despite all the comedy it cannot be forgotten that they pose a genuine threat.


Door to Phantomile
Vision 1-1: The Windmill Song
Vision 1-2: Mine of Lights
World 1 Boss: The Rongo Lango
Vision 2-1: Sad Forest Drums
Vision 2-2: Jugpot Falls
World 2 Boss: Cursed Pamela
Vision 3-1: Forlock Twist
Vision 3-2: Count Three
World 3 Boss: Beat Above
Vision 4-1: The Ruin's Air
Vision 4-2: Blue Cave Echo
World 4 Boss: Baladium's Drive
Vision 5-1: Red Heat Coronia
Vision 5-2: Dawn Over Dawn and Dark Into Dark
World 5 Boss: Facade and Blade
Vision 6-1: Untamed Heart
Vision 6-2: The Closing Encounter
World 6 Boss: Wheel of Woe
Nahatomb Phase 1: The Instrumentality
Nahatomb Phase 2: Rapid Eyes Inside
Nahatomb Phase 3: The Ring
Lephise's Song: Resurrection

Lunatea's Veil
Welcome to Lunatea
Sympathetic Smiles
Meeting Lolo
Sea of Tears
Calm Sea
Going to Lunatea
Lolo v2
Baguji the Wiseman
Path of Goddess Claire
Cave of Glimmer Moss
High Priestess
Joilant Fun Park
Tutorial Tat
Bugbear's House
Pay One's Debts
Make Believe
Jungle Slider
Jungle Drums
Jungle Cruise
Jungle Cruise Afro Mix
An Ugly Tongue
Run! Run! Run!
Lepito The Flower Clown
Leorina's Theme
Humming of Volkies
Volk City
Volkies Song
Under the Frontline
Underground Factory
Volk Factory
Echo of the Factory
Volkan Inferno
Volk Burning
Mad Biscarsh
Ishra's Ark
Ark's Birth
Mountains of Mira-Mira
Stepping Wind
Maze of Memories
Moonlight Museum v1
Moonlight Museum v2
Shattered Past
Polonte the Hatchling
Polonte v1
Polonte v2
Thank You Popka
Noxious La-Lakoosha
Cave of Poison
High Priestess of Sadness
After a Convulsion
Dark Sea of Tears
Lightning Bug
Lightning Moo
Ope La Ship
Dry Sea of Tears
The Sorrow Revives
Cursed Leorina
Masked Strength
The Ark Revisited
Ark v2
In Ruins
Kingdom of Sorrow
Forgotten Path
King of Sorrow[/url]
King of Sorrow's Theme
King of Sorrow Dubmix
King of Sorrow
Farewell Again
Toward The....


Feel free to make use of these, and if you spot something in a video you want avatarized, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

The Scrapbook

Bonus images we're awarded in Lunatea's Veil for collecting 150 gems in a level.

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