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by ArclightBorealis

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Original Thread: Let's Play Metal Wolf Chaos: And the Reason is...



...because I felt like it.

Metal Wolf Chaos is a Japanese only Original Xbox game that is simultaneously the most American game ever conceived in the medium. It’s fantastic to the point that the premise feels like it starts to vastly overshadows the actual game part, as most anyone ever talks about when this game is brought up is the absurd voice acting, satirical patriotism, and the entire concept of the fucking President of the United States in a goddamn mech suit taking back the country from the evil Vice President.

But when you peel away the aesthetic, you’re left with a game that is actually very well designed, fun, and a prime example of what From Software is truly best at. And that is giant robots.

You’ve got a simple yet excellent boost mechanic that can be chained together to stay airborne indefinitely, a chain combo scoring system, a large assortment of weapon types to cycle through, a pretty clever combination of energy management with a recharging health system, and a small yet uniquely designed collection of levels that provide varied scenarios and destructible objects to ravage with the Special Mobile Armored Ops Suit that is Metal Wolf. Sounds pretty good on gameplay features alone doesn’t it?

There’s a lot more to talk about with this game on both the American and mecha fronts, so join me as I destroy major American cities, explain the parallels between this, Otogi and the Armored Core series, and otherwise just show off everything that this game possibly has to offer.

Metal Wolf Chaos is a ridiculous game that whether you’ve heard of it or not, you more than likely would like to hear this game’s dumb ass dialogue and cutscenes without interruption. With that said, this will be a subtitled LP so you won’t have to hear my voice over anything important at all. Instead, I’m going to let my play style, and weapon loadouts (chosen by you viewers), speak for me as I demolish levels, collect every energy pod, rescue all hostages, and otherwise style the ever loving hell out of these Richard Hawk sympathizers for your enjoyment. Twice.

Yes, following the standard normal playthrough, extra difficulty settings and bonuses unlock so I will do a second playthrough on the unlockable “Hell” difficulty where enemies are tougher and I show off Metal Wolf’s fancy alt colors, gimmick weapons, & bizarre bonus BGMs. Also aliens, at some point. This game is fucking dense.

Now then, without further ado…


Mission 1: The White House (Video)
Mission 2: San Francisco (Video)
Mission 3: The Grand Canyon (Video)
Mission 4: Alcatraz (Video)
Mission 5: Phoenix (Video)
Mission 6: Beverly Hills (Video)

Intermission: Metal Wolf Crushed?

Mission 7: Miami Beach (Video)
Mission 8: Chicago (Video)
Mission 9: Houston (Video)
Mission 10: New York City (Video)

Intermission: Metal Wolf in Despair?

Mission 11: Liberty Island (Video)
Mission 12: The Fight House (Video)
Mission 13: Las Vegas (Video)
Mission 14: Space Station (Video)

Intermission: Metal Wolf vs. Aliens

Hell Mode 01: Back to the West Coast (Video)
Hell Mode 02: Go East, Young Man (Video)
Hell Mode 03: THIS! IS!! THE CLIMAX!!!! (Video)
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