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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

by Clavius

Part 36: The Light Switch

And now, we shall find out, once and for all what the treasure of Big Whoop holds.

My puny mind is surely not ready for what incredible, incocievable wonders the chest contains...


This is the worst treasure ever!

Hello, Guybrush. You won't escape me this time.

I escaped you before, I can easily do it again.

No mere undead, unstoppable and unwashed pirate can hold the likes of Guybrush Threepwood!

We are bound to one another.

Like dreadlocks?

Yes, rather like that. Or like...



I... Am your brother!



And I've brought a little surprise for you.

Really? A treat?

A treat for ME. A surprise for YOU.

I love surprises!

So what's the surprise?

What's with the big, sharp, deadly looking pin?

It's an accessory for this voodoo doll... Which I'll be using to torture you. And then send you screaming to another dimension, one of infinite pain! Observe...

Oh that is so cool!

Are you quite finished?

No, I want to do this:

Let's have some more fun, shall we?

I have an inner ear condition! Don't do that!

No more!

Okay, time to send you screaming to a dimension of infinite pain!

Oh... Er...

What? Really?

This ending sucks! What the hell is this crap!?

There must be something wrong with my voodoo doll. It was supposed to send you to another dimension, not the next room. Shoddy materials, I bet. Well, I guess I'll just try it again.

The chase is on!

Join me tomorrow for a thrilling double feature of ass kickery and endings and stuff.