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Part 15: Episode 15: Increase Your Stamina With Illegal Dragon Fang Powder

Because you demanded it, Marvin and I spent months and months doing nothing but fight in tournaments. Here are some highlights:

I don't think I can stress this enough about Sapphire: Bitch be crazy.

I also ran into this little critter:

She's... she's wearing a ducken bikini.

Scratch that. A ducken bikini with a ducken head for a tail. I'm not sure what I can say about that. Regardless, beating her and dozens of other monsters got me a cool $26,000. That should be enough to last me, even counting house upgrades...

YUMPIN' YIMINY! I stand corrected.

Let's just go for the barn for now.

And my barn is maxed out. Once I pay that godly sum for the house, I'll have a fully loaded ranch.

I swear to christ, if it's my monster's birthday I am ending this LP right now.

Get to the fucking point or I'll slap the face off your face.

If you win this battle, you'll be able to create Dragons! Isn't that exciting!?

Oh my gosh, I've heard of that! It's like, it you win the battle, you'll be able to create Dragons! That is so cool!

Uh-huh! But that's exactly what I just told you...


I'm going to watch the action! Hope to see you there!

Oh hey look at that, it's the 3rd week of February already. Time flies when a year passes every 5 minutes. Let's slay a dragon!

I guess it's like a scaly Jesus or something.

If you believe those stats, I'm fucked.

But lucky for me, all he did was fire up and headbang the whole match. He did maybe 30 points of damage per hit, and hit like twice.

Marvin's attacks are too spastic to capture well. Just imagine him blinking a couple of times, then the dragon exploding. Because that's what happened. I think I raised a Scanner.

But the dragon fang is mine! I can use that to fuse dragons, and can keep any dragons I happen to summon as well. If I can take a dragon, I think I can take another rank. We'll do that next time.