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Original Thread: Back To Where It All Began: Let's Play Mother! (SSLP)



Fresh off the heels of my Earthbound LP, we'll be doing the game where the series started; Mother. It plays similarly to how Earthbound did, and many ideas and concepts here show up again in Earthbound, but more polished. The characters are similar, with easy-to-spot counterparts in Earthbound, including your party members and your family.

Originally released in 1989, in Japan, Mother was supposed to have a full-English counterpart, which was to be titled Earth Bound, but due to the release of the Super Nintendo, that was put on hold indefinitely. In 2003, there was a Gameboy Advance re-release of the game, combining both Mother 1 and 2 on a single cartridge, which was also never released in America, due to some copyright issues and the like.

I'll be playing the GBA version of Mother, with a translation patch slapped on it. The patch retranslated the game from the ground up, and included one brand-new item to make it easier on people, as the original version of Mother hates you and everything you stand for; the Easy Ring increases experience gains and reduces the encounter rate.

I don't know nearly as much about Mother as I do Earthbound, but I've found several information sources, so I should be able to provide my same informational/humor style, so that shouldn't change. I think the biggest change here, besides the fact I'm playing a different game, is that I'm not going to do daily updates anymore. I'm adopting a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule, with occasional updates on the weekend. Maybe. Either way, updates are going to be slower, so nobody has to worry about falling behind.

As for spoilers, let's take the same spoiler policy I had during Earthbound; no spoilers blatantly out in the open, hide 'em behind spoiler tags. However, I don't really want any pages turning into CIA documents, so let's be careful about them. I don't mind if there's chat about Earthbound during this thread, but let's keep the Mother 3 chat to a minimum, too.

My LP of Earthbound has now been archived, so if you missed it the first time, you can now see the LP in all its glory.

With all of that said, let's get this started.

Table of Contents

Sudden LP'er Shift!

At this point, Explosionface took over the LP, as I had some technical issues and decided to give up the ghost. So, for the last bit of this LP, Explosionface is the man of the hour.
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