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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 7

Tite-Dent posted:

I think you have to choose between Lake Jannenia or Pogrom Forest (Ghost!) after you beat Sharom District.

Oops, I think you're right. Oh well, good thing we went for the werewolves!

Scene 4: Full Moon

Our troops, now known as Liberation Forces in the Sharom District, proceed to Lake Jannenia. Upon liberating the first town, Lemon's unit encounters a strange, rat-faced fellow.

Lies. All lies! All Imperial soldiers are evil! Eviiiiiil!

Oh, I see we have an ass-kisser on our hands here.

The boss is a night person. That isn't suspicious at all, no sir!

Canopus' unit uncovers some info about our new friend.

Well I'll be! That rat-faced man turned out to be quite the heartless fellow, didn't he?

Finally, someone asks us for yet another favor… And we're presented with one of the game's many naming inconsistencies!

Well, the more girls there are, the more booty these soldiers can get, right? Of course, there's always the "We're fighting a goddamned WAR, not playing superhero!" route.