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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 43

Toad departs with a simple "thanks" and, fortunately for him, does not rip us off. Now it is time to meet Fogel!

He opens with the usual speech:

And follows up with PAIN OH GOD PAIN. Well, I suppose Leopold can cross masochism off his list.

As requested, here is Ryukaon attempting to bite Fogel, but he is blocked by Fogel's bodyguard Tiamat.

After a few rounds with a few units, Fogel is brought back to his senses.

Hooray! Gator-face has joined us. And since he is the last major character we can recruit, from here on out we can focus on JUSTICE AND WAR, the people's opinion be damned!

But that's not all-- check out these cool treasures we got!

I don't remember whether Geist wanted to be a Lich or not, but now we can get the Undead Staff necessary to do it. Boy I sure hope WildMango finds this new thread and posts in it, we wouldn't want this good stuff to go to waste!

See, it wasn't a waste to build that trophy case after all.

Oh well, maybe Toad will price-gouge him for us. vv

Coming up, slightly updated Army List and Equipment. Meanwhile, you kids get to decide whether we go to the Rhyan Sea or the Dalmuhd Desert.