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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 44

Scene 23: The Assassin

Why this scene is called "The Assassin," I don't really know. Didn't we already take care of the assassin in this game, or a bounty hunter at least? Ah well, anyway. Here in the Dalmuhd Desert lies a hell of a lot of sand, and a few towns who really don't have much to say except that the boss of this area is a Ninja and he doesn't like that the Ninja have had a bad rep. Like joining the Empire is going to make you any more popular?

Debonair slices one of the Ninja a new one. The plural of "ninja" is just "ninja," right? I seem to remember some grammar nazi here saying it was. OB uses "ninjas" a lot, and now I'm not sure if that grammar nazi was wrong, or if this is just another one of the game's mistakes. vv

Rockstar Mulkibel smacks another Ninja in the face.

Monk Sara gives her unit a well-deserved healing break. Has anyone else noticed the enemy units becoming more efficiently formed?

Apparently Fire Giants can be found taking a refreshing dip in Dalmuhd's rivers. Not even they are immune to the desert's scorching heat.

Anyone who wants an agility boost, call it now! (Also, if no one calls the HP from the last stage, I'm giving it to Omega, because Rockgolems are weak as shit.)

The enemy base is conviniently located in the very upperleft corner of the map, and since there aren't too many towns here to defend, we can easily rush it whenever we're ready.

And we do rush it. Lans' unit is the first to meet Prochon.

Great, another boss.

He only ever wanted to be famous... but Daddy wouldn't let him become a broadway star... :ninjafury:

Prochon and his Ninja goons (GOONS LOL) are a pain in the ass. I wasted like 3 Fool cards, and finally after the third or fourth unit rushed him and he STILL wasn't dead, I finally said "fuck it" and laid down our first Tarot boss defeat this playthrough. I hope that bastard is happy, we were making a good run.

Good news though, remember that Quicksilver we got from the scary alien man? Well, we found the slightly less scary man we're supposed to give it to!

Two steps down, 3 or so steps to go until we can start hunting for the Zodiac Stones! That is, assuming we want to waste our time with such a wild goose chase. We do still have a war to fight, you know! So shall we go on a treasure hunt, or leave that to people like Nick Cage and Tim Curry?

PS, sorry about the lame update. This was kind of a short, uninteresting stage, and I've felt lately that my "wit" has been dulling. I'm trying though, I don't want to see this project die now that we're this far.

PPS, I'm going to be taking a look at who's posted in the new thread so far, and depending on how much it would cripple the army, punishing those who went AWOL on us with bench-warming duty. At the very least, I'll be assigning new Unit Leaders. After that, I'll go through the currently equipped items and throwing out anything with stats that are all under +8, so we can get some of our better stuff equipped. Then, finally, I'll post the new Army List and Available Equipment List.