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Part 6: Specularum, or Whatever its Called This Week

Artificer posted:

I like the text as it stands, and though the images are huge, they're okay in my book.

Love your avatar/title combo, by the way. Billy Joel is awesome.

Yes Billy Joel is. My only RPG related story with Mr Joel was when "We Didn't Start the Fire" was getting radio airtime I was playing Dragon Warrior (Quest) the original as a hot new release on my NES, giving my C64 a rest. I bought the game, no Nintendo Power here. Besides the smart classy gamer was reading Videogames & Computer Entertainment after all. Thanks for the kind comment!

(If I ever change avatars again, it will be another picture to a Billy Joel song. One of the guys in this picture. To Lenningrad:

Anyhow, on to the main city of Karameikos!

How good am I? I not only improve my older pictures (Scroll/click to older ones), but I give you a new update. On a holiday weekend no less. The comments and critiques make it all worth it. I do this for the PEOPLE. Or something.