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Order of the Griffon

by Captain Rufus

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Original Thread: Gold Box 1 1/2 Fun in Mystara! Order of the Griffon!



We are gonna do this not very well known of D&D game Lets Play comic book style. Its kind of my gimmick.

That's right. I am redipping my toes into the Let's Play game. Inspired by , this thread vilkacis, it made me want to finally get through and beat this damned game. So that is what I am gonna do. Even if I have to use FAQs online.

The Schedule: Normally 1-2 updates a week. There will be some user input and choices when possible. I will mostly keep to the comic format. I love using Comic Life Deluxe. And it saves having multiple picture files when 1 can cover 2-4.

Hopefully the text is readable for everyone. I could use much larger pictures but the tables would scream in pain.

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