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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 2: Chapter 3

Mission 2 - Datadyne: Investigation [ blip | viddler ]

Background -
A Datadyne scientist calling himself Dr. Caroll has contacted the Carrington Institute requesting that we rescue him from the Datadyne headquarters tonight. He claims that he has complained to Datadyne about the moral implications of his current project, but rather than dismiss him, they will mentally restructure him until he finds the nature of the project acceptable again.

Carrington -
You'll need to use your remote comlink to get past the door to the sector where Dr. Caroll's lab is located. Unfortunetely, we've detected large levels of electromagnetic activity around the laboratories which interfere with all our comms equipment. Convince the scientists to shut their experiments down. Remember that they are noncombatants; don't kill them. And don't forget your DataUplink, Jo it may come in handy.

Objective One: Holograph Radioactive ISotope -
Use the Camspy to obtain a spectrographic photo record of the isotope on test in the dataDyne basement labs. Dr. Caroll has linked the isotope to an enhancement of the currently experimental shield technology item, also present in the laboratories.

Objective Two: Start Maintenance Cycle on the Security Systems -
Reprogram the cleaning robots in the service area to start work on the security systems. This will permit you to get farther into the laboratory complex, though you will have to stay close to the robot you reprogram if you want to remain unharmed.

Objective Three: Shut Down the Experiments -
The experiments in sector two of the laboratories are causing extreme interference with the communications uplink, preventing our hackers from cracking the security lock code. Get the scientists present to shut them down unless you want to risk setting off alarms by doing it yourself. Be careful not to kill scientists.

Objective Four: Obtain Items of Experimental Technology -
Dr. Caroll informs us that there are three other major projects nearing completion in the labs besides his own. You are to collect the prototypes for the three projects and return them to the Carrington Institute for assessment.

Objective Five: Locate Dr. Caroll -
The basement is divided into four security zones - Dr. Caroll is in the last of these areas, sector four. In between the sectors are systems designed to keep out those without clearance, such as you. Bypass them as best you can, and search for the scientist in the final sector.