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by FrenzyTheKillbot

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Original Thread: Girls, Guns, and Greys: A Perfect Dark VLP...again!


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Perfect Dark is a 2000 first-person shooter video game for the Nintendo 64 game console. The game was developed and published by Rare, creators of the multimillion-selling GoldenEye 007, an earlier first-person shooter with which Perfect Dark shares many gameplay features. This game is also considered the spiritual successor to GoldenEye 007.

This is Joanna Dark, the player character of this game. She is an operative of a company called the Carrington Institute. Her bio states: "In an Institute where only the best graduate, this 23 year old operative was head-and-shoulders above the rest. Her flawless training regimen destroyed the learning curve so completely that a new training class had to be invented. Highly intelligent, quick in body and mind and eager to cut her teeth in the field, Jo can easily be described as 'Perfect.'" Those are some big, girly shoes to fill.

A remake of this game was released in March 2010 on the Xbox Live Arcade featuring updated graphics, online multiplayer, and a steady framerate. Joanna herself was redesigned slightly both in-game and in concept art. She now looks younger and has brown(er) hair, although she still sports the weird...umm...breastplate. Apart from some aesthetic changes, the game itself is the same. The story, AI, weapons, voicework, and secrets all remain unchanged.

What difficulty are you playing on? I will be playing on the hardest difficulty, Perfect Agent. The number of objectives, and occasionaly parts of the level, are changed depending on the difficulty and Perfect Agent generally has the most to show off.

Are you going to show [secret/area/strategy]? I am going to try and show off as much as I can. My video editting capabilities are not what I wish they were so all of my videos will be a solid run. As such I can't show absolutely everything but there's always bonus videos and youtube links for the things I don't.

What about the shooting range!?!? Everything of that sort will be shown. Also gold stars for everything.

Are you going to fuck up and drop this LP again? I really hope not, but you never know. I'm going to try my best to finish this one and maybe even have a decent update schedule.

Can I play multiplayer with you? We will see. Playing with goons for my last LP was lots of fun, but the logistics made things difficult. I will probably recruit some local friends to help me out instead, but I haven't ruled it out.

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