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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 18: Chapter 69

Mission 18 - Mr. Blonde's Revenge [ blip | youtube ]

Background -
The incompetent Cassandra de Vries of the human corporation dataDyne has obstructed the Skedar cause for long enough. Enter her headquarters and capture her, so that she may be brought before the righteous Skedar justice.

Objective One: Plant an Explosive Device in the Lift -
The inept scientists of the dataDyne Corporation should not be allowed to continue research with out technology. You will place a bomb in the elevator that will destroy all of their research data and any physical evidence remaining.

Objective Two: Eliminate dataDyne Captain -
Remove this individual to end any chance of reprisals directed against the Skedar by residual elements of the traitorous corporation. As humorous as the concept of a human wiping out the Skedar race is, we must not be blind to the power of vendetta.

Objective Three: Locate and Escort De Vries to Helipad -
To ensure that this vile human pays for her crimes against us, you are to force her to proceed to the rooftop, where she may be retrieved by a shuttle from the helipad. It would be unwise of you to allow her to come to premature harm.