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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 6: Chapter 21

Mission 6 - G5 Building: Reconnaissance [ blip | viddler ]

Background -
Once inside G5 Headquarters, proceed into the heart of the building where the meeting should be taking place. Obtain a visual record of the meeting and get out as quickly as possible.

Carrington -
The G5 Building has an integrated alarm system. Watch out for any guards who see you, as they're sure to try and activate it. This will alert the conspirators, who will almost certainly not go ahead with the meeting under such circumstances. Softly, softly, Joanna.

Objective One: Disable Damping Field Generator -
A device in the car garage section of the building is preventing the transmission of any information recorded by the CamSpy. Once shut down, the CamSpy can relay any captured recordings back to HQ.

Objective Two: Deactivate Laser Grid Systems -
An examination of the power grid of the G5 Building indicates a network of laser grids. These grids are placed specifically to deny a route into the meeting room, but if you can turn them off, the way is clear.

Objective Three: Holograph Meeting Conspirators -
The CamSpy device is an excellent way to record the meeting without alerting De Vries and the other conspirators.

Objective Four: Retrieve Backup From Safe -
Dr. Caroll informed Daniel of a backup personality that is stored in a safe place in the G5 Building. If we can obtain it, it would mean that we could restore the personality to Dr. Caroll at a later date.

Objective Five: Exit Building -
Destroy the blocked-up door to create your exit. If you remember which level of the fire escape is outside, you may save yourself some time.