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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 5: Chapter 17

Mission 5 - Chicago: Stealth [ blip | viddler ]

Background -
The G5 Corporation is believed to be a front for dataDyne. Care is needed due to the civilian presence on the streets. Expect intense resistance outside and inside the building - our recon team reported that the buildup of troops started hours ago.

Carrington -
Remember your urban combat training. It will come in very useful if the situation hasn't changed since the recon team's report earlier. One more thing, Joanna - there's a security robot patrolling the street. Stay away from it if at all possible.

Objective One: Retrieve Drop Point Equipment -
The recon team we sent in while you were in transit left a small package of equipment for you, hidden in one of the storm drains. It has just about everything you will need to complete the mission objectives.

Objective Two: Attach Tracer to Limousine -
The limousine on the main street arrived not long before you did. All attempts at a trace have come up blank, so it will have to be handled the old-fashioned way. Place a bug on the limo so it can be tracked back to where it came from.

Objective Three: Prepare Escape Route -
There is a disused fire escape behind the G5 Building that will be useful in your escape. Prepare the ground now by attaching explosives to a blocked up doorway. To avoid giving an alarm, you must trigger the mine once meeting surveillance is complete.

Objective Four: Create Vehicular Diversion -
Any disturbance will attract attention from the guards in the area, but this can be used to your advantage. Reprogram the autopilot guidance computer on the cab to cause it to crash nearby.

Objective Five: Gain Entry to G5 Building -
One of the guards by the lift entrance is in charge of a control panel that will lock the lift doors, denying access instantly. The diversion caused by the crashing cab should draw that guard and the others out into the street, leaving the way open. And remember, don't harm any civilians