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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 4: Chapter 15

Mission 4 - Carrington Villa: Hostage One [ blip | viddler ]

Background -
Daniel Carrington is being held hostage at his private villa. A message from Cassandra De Vries has laid out the terms: Daniel's life for the return of the AI known as Dr. Caroll. What dataDyne doesn't know is that the AI was at the villa when they struck. Our guess is that Daniel concealed it safely before they found him.

Carrington -
Not available.

Objective One: Eliminate Rooftop Snipers -
As soon as we got the ransom demand, we did a recon overflight of the villa. An examination of the data revealed that there are several snipers on the rooftops - if you are to move around safely, you'll have to take them out.

Objective Two: Activate Wind Generator -
The wind generator and power storage device are not active - we suspect Daniel shut them down to deny the dataDyne hit squad access to the villa's systems. Once the power is restored, the door to the villa's lower basement will be open to you.

Objective Three: Locate and Stop dataDyne Hackers -
There have been sporadic attempts in the past from dataDyne hackers trying to gain entry to Institute files. Their job would be much easier if they tried anything inside the villa, due to the direct link between there and the Institute. If such an attempt is made, you will need to respond swiftly. Make sure that the terminals are not damaged, as they contain data that is vital to the Institute.

Objective Four: Capture Enemy Guard -
Capturing a member of the dataDyne assault team will give us an idea of what their real goals are. Remember not to kill them - knock them unconcious if you can, as this will ensure against them escaping.

Objective Five: Rescue Carrington -
Only Daniel knows the exact whereabouts of Dr. Caroll. Sooner or later dataDyne will figure this out and get to work on Daniel to make him tell them what they want to know. Once they know where the AI is, Daniel's life is forfeit.