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Perfect Dark

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 15: Chapter 56

Mission 15 - Carrington Institute: Defense [ blip | youtube ]

Background -
In revenge for the foiling of their grand plan, the Skedar have attacked the source of their troubles, the Carrington Institute. With an organized response out of the question, it falls to Joanna to save what she can of the Institute from total destruction.

Carrington -
They've caught us completely off guard, Jo! Save who and what you can, then get out yourself. After all, the Institute is the people, not the building.

Objective One: Reactivate Automatic Defenses -
There are automatic guns situated at strategic locations throughout the Carrington Institute. At present they are inactive, but if you can get to the control panels and activate them, they will help thin the attackers out.

Objective Two: Release Hostages -
Some of the invading forces are holding key Institute staff hostage. Save as many of the hostages as you can. Look in the various labs throughout the upper floors of the building.

Objective Three: Retrieve Experimental Weapon -
In Foster's weapons lab there is a prototype submachine gun that we cannot let fall into enemy hands. This is because the weapon is capable of creating a temporary cloaking field. Find it and carry out some 'field research.'

Objective Four: Destroy Sensitive Information -
In Daniel's office there is a safe in which is kept the algorithm he used to crack the Maian communication codes so many years ago. It must be destroyed before dataDyne or the Skedar get hold of it. Use the laser to cut a way through the door.

Objective Five: Deactivate Bomb -
Our sensors indicate there is a bomb in the Skedar craft on the landing pad! The only thing that can help you is the Data Uplink - get close to the ship, and use it to install a virus. The ship should then float clear of the Institute, and the bomb will detonate without harming anyone.