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Part 24: Little Girl Battles

Music: Pokémon Gym - Red/Blue

First the swamp, now a sweaty gym. This has been a travelogue of scents I shouldn't have to smell.

Hm, alright. I think I see what to do here.

I shouldn't have to do thiiiiisssss.


How quaint, you have a wrestler. My octopus likes to fight them~

I've got a shot for every one of yas.

They've just got good aim is all.


. . . she's not actually gonna fight me, right?

You all really don't need to cry when you say that.

Choro Notes: Why is it quaking in its poison excreting boots? Croagunk's ability, Anticipation, alerts it if its opponent has any super effective attacks.

I haven't decided if I love or hate you guys yet.

As is to be expected.

Oh, adding a psychic-type to the mix, huh? Shouldn't be anything Octazooka can't handle.



You just got lucky. >:I

Yeah well I'm gonna force my fist into your. . . uh, butt.


This gym's not very wheelchair accessible I'm noticing.

Ok, yeah. I hate you.

Ok we need to switch that out, yea.

Martial artists.

You smell like a gym bag that's been washed in sweat.

Gym Leader.
Heh, I'll show you strong.

Choro Notes: Maylene
Not really much to say about Maylene. She's not actually that hard if you know what you're doing, a ghost will kind of throw off her strategy. Of course, I'm a couple levels higher than I should be for once sooooo
Music: Kanto Gym Leader Battle - Heart Gold & Soul Silver version

Oh, I've seen these before. I think we've just got to finish it off bef—


Look I wanted to have a nice little match, you brought this on yourself.

No problem here, Should be able to—

Well at least an attack got off.


nippon nifties drew this
Choro Notes: Lucario
Lucario is Maylene's signature monster. You've probably seen him in Super Smash Bros Brawl where he replaced Mewtwo and beat out Blaziken for inclusion in the roster. Type-wise Lucario is really interesting, he's Fighting/Steel. Yes, he's a martial-artist jackal with a adamantium skeleton. Don't believe me? When he uses Metal Claw, wolverine-esque claws erupt from his fists. Oh, also he can throw hadoukens. For real.
Oh, so anyway. His type combination. Basically, he loses his psychic weakness thanks to his steel typing, but he gains a weakness to being punched in the goddamn face.

Yes but you're just going to full restore next turn like everyone else.

Wait. Wait WHAT?!

You made me do this.


"Octopus: ok to punch. Ankylosaurus: No."

 /ˈkɒbəl/ [kob-uhl] verb, -bled, -bling.
1. a cobblestone.
2. cobbles, coal in lumps larger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder.
a. a defect in a rolled piece resulting from loss of control over its movement.
b. Slang . a piece showing bad workmanship.
–verb (used with object)
4. to pave with cobblestones.
1595–1605; perh. cob + -le; see cobblestone

Please do because I'm not seeing the connection. At all.

will obey you up to Lv. 50.

Well, thanks I guess. Literally none of my guys have fists, though.



I can!

I do!

Well you could without them, but it'd probably be more lonely and/or frustrating.