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Original Thread: Pokemon Platinum: Pride and Bidoofjudice



Dear Pokélord, please watch over us as we do this shit again.

Hey check it, Pokémon Platinum Version. Lookit dat big gold-plated shadow-tentacled devilwyrm on that cover. Pretty bitchin' for a Pokémon.

The Platinum version of Pokémon is the third "Hey let's make the first two versions again except with more awesome shit and taking out the annoying shit" game of the fourth generation of the series. (You know, kinda like Crystal with Gen2 and Emerald with Gen3.) Same deal, slightly altered story, different monsters, etc.

Aaaanywho, the fourth generation of the series introduced a few changes along with 107 more little bastards to cram into tiny, cold little balls; one of which is even the creator god in local mythology! OH BOY theological dilemmas abound in the Sinnoh region.

Aside from the new monsters and abilities it split the way moves worked. Previous all water-type moves, for example, worked off of the special attack stat. Even ones like Crabhammer which is literally a giant fuck-off crab claw being pounded onto your lower back/skull/corporeal being. With Gen4 all moves are now either physical or special based on the move itself. So some monsters got leaps and bounds better and combat as a whole got more interesting.

I'm gonna cover most of the changes and intricacies they added as I come across them so for now let's start this magical, truly wonderful journey of specialness and friendship. You fuckers voted on the female lead—Again—and then maybe I'll abandon the starter in a ditch for a grasshopper or a kumquat with a doofy face later. Who knows?! That's one of the wonders of Pokémon: the ever present knowledge that you might be replaced by a doofy-faced kumquat.

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