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Part 44: Bugs and Dirt

Choro Notes: Diamond/Pearl - Decisive Battle! Pokémon League

Choro Notes: I got Campana and the others up to the same levelsish before actually fighting the E4! Healing Wish is a strange move. It's sort of like a reverse Explosion in a way. The user sacrifices themself to completely heal the next monster out's HP and status. Campana wasn't getting any use out of Uproar so this could be useful later, who knows!

Power Gem is a special-class Rock-type move. It's got better accuracy than Rock Slide and the inability to flinch and also 5 less power. Moaniki's got great Sp.Atk though so whatever! The condition for learning the move? The user has to have gemstones somewhere on their body: Staryu, Persian, Spoink, Misdreavus, etc. I can only assume that means Probopass's eyes!

Perish Song basically puts a countdown on the monsters on the field that hear it being used. After 3 turns any monster—including the user—will be KOd. While I would LOVE to teach this to Viola, it would end up overwriting sing or screech, and frankly I'm fairly sure those are going to come into play later during the E4 so vOv!

Yes. That is a thing that will be displayed today.

I can totally do this. No reason to be nervous.

Ok, no. You did not have to slam that door behind me.

Heya, how ya doin.

You have a hair antenna. Are you aware of this?

Lovely. I've only ever needed one bug Pokémon, you see.

They're not that mean. Except for Scyther I guess.

. . . . because it's your job? Where are my taxes going if you're not here for that purpose.


Music: Sinnoh Elite Four/Gym Leader Battle Theme - Movie arrangement

Choro Notes: Aaron
Aaron basically told you everything there is to know about him. He uses bugs and has green hair. That's about it. The fact that bug-types became good enough to have a Bug-type E4 member in Gen4 is pretty great. Gen5 does even more wonderful things, but let's not talk about that right now~

Choro Notes: Yanmega
Yanmega is the evolved form of Yanma. It's a big pissed off prehistoric meganeura. To top off it's wonderful attack stat it has the Speed Boost ability, which raises its speed stat a level at the end of every turn. Aaron doesn't use this in Diamond/Pearl as it was added to Sinnoh in Platinum: It replaces his Dustox. Downside? It's Bug/Flying so:

That isn't so tough. >:D

Ughghhhh I hate battling theeeese.

Oh mother. . .


Ok. Not bad. It's KOd, but we could be doing better.

Choro Notes: Vespiquen
Vespiquen is the evolved form of female Combees. They're notable because they have three signature moves: all of which involve BEES. They're defensive and really cool monsters. Downside? It's Bug/Flying so:


Hahahaha, bugs.

Choro Notes: Scizor
Jesus, Aaron has a lot of stuff nobody else has. Scizor is Scyther's evolved form. It's Bug/steel type and competively is pretty amazing. Scizor's like Yanmega and a replacement on Aaron's team from Diamond/Pearl. Scizor replaces his Beautifly. Because of its typing it's only got one weakness: Fire.

That hardly seems fair.


Choro Notes: If you don't have a Steel-type's weakness. You can generally hit it with Electricity (as long as it's not Steelix) or Water (as long as it's not Empoleon).

Jeez that was like a tank.

Choro Notes: Drapion
Drapion is Aaron's signature monster, ironically not a bug-type! It's the evolved form of Skorupi but it loses its bug-type for Dark-type; resulting in a monster with only a ground-type weakness. They're an ogre among scorpions and they can rend cars with their claws.

Easy Peas—


We're fine, she's elastic, we're fine.

Haha, that went smoother than I thought it would!

You. . . you KOd my own bug in one shot and I ruined most of yours just as quickly.

I dunno, butterflies are beautiful-er I think.

Someone admits it! All trainers are inferior to me!

. . . what?

Yeah, yeah let's leave you here.

I like your room's decor.

Wisdom does come with age!

. . .

. . . N-not that you're old ma'am.

Haven't met an old lady I couldn't beat yet!

Choro Notes: Hoenn Elite Four Battle - Anime version

Choro Notes: Bertha
A lot of things link Bertha with one of Kanto's Elite Four member, Agatha. Their names are almost sort of similar in the English version as well as their japanese: Kikuko and Kikuno. Their hairstyles are almost identical as well! Aside from that she's a ground-type trainer who's probably the easiest of the Elite Four.

Octopus vs. Catfish, a battle for the ages. Almost as ancient as snapping turtle and ape.

This seems kind of counterintuitive.

Choro Notes: Earth Power is a ground-type variation of Psychic. Same accuracy and attack power. It even has a chance of lowering sp.def.

Ho hum. Can't be too surprised!

Choro Notes: Gliscor
Gliscor are the evolved form of Gligar. They're goddamned TANKS. Gliscor's another addition to the Sinnoh Dex. The monster from her Diamond/Pearl team it replaces is a Sudowoodo. They're also brutally weak to ice so guess what!

This is gonna be cake.

How is THAT thing faster than my Octillery?!


Dom's burnt so he's not gonna deal enough with Earthquake, and if I heal he's just gonna fire punch. Switching out isn't really an option, so. . . .


Choro Notes: Rhyperior
If you've been following ANY of this thread you've probably noticed I'm not a fan of Rhyperior! Rhyperior is Rhydon's evolved form and in Platinum is Bertha's signature monster. It actually replaces a Quagsire in her lineup!

SWEET JIMMINY THAT looks like it hurt. Dom, we've got really one option here. . . .

Worth it, sorry buddy.

Choro Notes: Hippowdon
Bertha's Hippowdon joins shellos in the I'VE NEVER SEEN A SHINY BEFORE AND THEN SHE HAS ONE type thing. It's not shiny, it's just female. Female Hippowdon are black, males are brown. Its Sand Stream ability causes a perpetual Sandstorm condition until another weather-type overwrites it.

Not bad, Campana!

Five bucks and my Froslass says you're about to use a full restore!


Impressive is what I do!

You aren't having a stroke, are you?

Heh, there's no stopping for me!