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Original Thread: Amnesic Agriculture 102- Let's Play Rune Factory: Frontier



What's Rune Factory?
It's the notably more anime spinoff of Harvest Moon that also has RPG combat and stuff- it was doing the Swords & Sowing thing before things like Stardew came along. The farming's still there, it's just that you get swords, monsters, and world domination plots/saving the world as well.

Also all the protagonists have amnesia. Well, most of them. Sometimes they actually do something with that, other times it's just to give you not much of a backstory.

What's Frontier?
It's the only game in the series that's a sequel, (at least sort of,) continuing off with part of the cast from the first game. It also stands as the series's first console debut, as up until this point the games were only on the DS.

It's somewhat more... anime, I guess, than its two predecessors. Has some improvements, some questionable design choices, and a decent soundtrack.

This game is the third in the series, coming just after the game that lets a 7 year old fake marry their 14 year old unaging aunt.

wait what
I'm inclined to say it was a programming oversight and/or laziness. RF2 had a lot of that.

Well, if it's a sequel, do I need to know anything about the first game?
Not really, no. It's a rather loose sequel at best, and I'll fill in any necessary details regarding the first game as we go along. There's an excellent LP of it here by Lord Hippoman if you want to see it all for yourself.

Is it any good?
It's... okay, from what I remember. I'll let you decide for yourself. It's been like... seven years since I last tried playing this and I got about halfway through it if we're being generous.

...Now I must ask, Why?
I've got a big backlog of unfinished games and I figured this would be a fun way of going about finishing said games. Frontier's been on the list a long time, having gotten put aside in favor other games. The other console release, Tides of Destiny is also on said list, though I played through even less of that game.

If this goes well, I'll probably LP ToD as well- it's been long enough I don't remember too much about it aside from the hot milk exploit.

Still, seemed like a natural choice for a first attempt at LP.

What about spoilers?
Would rather you didn't spoil anything for this game at least. There's honestly not that much to spoil, this game's got more grind than story, but still. Feel free to talk about RF1, I guess, since it's relevant, but don't randomly spoil the other games unless it's necessary.

Thread Particpation?
For sure! There's gonna be a good bit of naming, potential marriage candidates, what we wield and more. I'm going to be letting the thread dictate a great deal of what I do.


Update 01: Orange Air Spaghetti
Update 02: It's Free Real Estate
Update 03: In Which The First Day Is Ended
Update 04: Dirt Nap
Update 05: Dirt Is Magnetic to Faces - A Theory
Update 06: KNOWLEDGE
Update 07: I got the turnip.
Update 08: Aerial Assault Animes
Update 09: Questionable
Update 10: Questionable, Part 2
Update 11: The Runey Situation
Update 12: Nowhere Near Fin-ished
Update 13: Hot Dogs
Update 14: Inedible Set Dressing
Update 15: At Least I've Got Chicken
Update 16: I'll have some vegetables
Update 17: Jammin'
Update 18: Bakin' Carrot Biscuits
Update 19: Money and Lumber
Update 20: The Update Where People Insist It's Summer But It's Not


Update 21: The Beach Episode- Much Ado About Melons
Update 22: The Lady and the Trampoli
Update 23: Master Bush's Monster
Update 24: tomato
Update 26: How To Spend An Exorbitant Amount Of Money On Grass
Update 27: Mercantile Mercy
Update 28: Axes to Grind
Update 29: This Day Sucks
Update 30: A Diamond In the Rough
Update 31: Workin' In the Magic Mines
Update 32: Hey Nineteenth
Update 33: A Clean Bed of Dirt
Update 34: Ecological Warfare - Call of Runey
Update 35: bath family
Update 36: The Day Bush Didn't Bathe
Update 37: Flowers of Contrast
Update 38: Much Ado About Marriage and Kids
Update 39: "i do regret the rainbow can"
Update 40: Bush Becomes a Debt Collector


Update 41: Over Jumbled Lines of Localization
Update 42: Bush, Reloaded
Update 43: Moon Made of Cheese Confirmed, Researcher Says
Update 44: The Legend of Mist - Grimoire of Time
Update 45: The Day of Bachelorettes
Update 46: It's Yours, My Friend
Update 47: As Long As You Have Enough Rubies
Update 48: Magic Windfall
Update 49: Tree Mom (and Crystal Flowers)
Update 50: Blooper Reel
Update 51: A Date With...
Update 52: Destiny
Update 53: The Great Turnip Heist


Update 54: Snow Jean
Update 55: QUIZ DAY
Update 56: Lady of the Rings- Two Vampires
Update 57: The Hotpot Faux Pas
Update 58: The Future of Bush Shrub


Update 59: Into A New Year
Update 60: Waiting for Coquille
Update 61: Secret Agent Man
Update 62: The Juniper Bush
Final Update: The Epilogue

Thread Voting

Intermission 1: Green Ruins, Whale Island Cave & Fin

Intermission 2: Status Update & Bachelorette Voting 1

Intermission 3: The Bonus Commentary Round

Anette's Autumn Date (Update 51)
Cinnamon's Autumn Date (Update 51)
Melody's Autumn Date (Update 51)
Tabatha's Autumn Date (Update 51)
Lara's Autumn Date (Update 51)

The Darkest Timeline (Intermission 3)

Unused Dialogue & Events (Final Update)
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