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Scooby Doo Mystery

by Tobias Grant

Part 3: Blake's Hotel 3

Sorry for the last few updates being so far between, I was sick through all of last week. I should be able to keep to a more stable schedule from here on out.


Time to see where this secret passage takes us!

Well now, this is interesting. That pick and lantern look like they may be useful

[Look pick]

Shaggy: Wow! Like, that could give you one king size headache!

[Take pick]

Shaggy: No way. I'm not carrying that heavy thing around.

[Look Lantern]

Shaggy: A fake! It's really electric.

[Take lantern]

Shaggy: I can't take it. It's wired in.

Well, so much for trying to get some handy tools. let's move on.

...Well, that doesn't look good.

[Look mine car]

Shaggy: It's missing three wheels.

Luckily, there are three wheels hidden around this room. One of them is right next to the Mine car.

The second one is next to the entrance.

And the third is hidden in this corner.

Shaggy: Three wheels for the Mine car.

[Use wheels with Mine Car]

Good as new!

Shaggy: Well, I think it should work now.

Time to continue into the mines!

[Use Mine car]

Shaggy: Come on, Scooby! Let's ride!

Another room, another bunch of stuff to look over.

[Look engine]

Shaggy: This runs the mine cars

The engine isn't running, so if we try to use the Mine car to go back to the hotel...

...The mine car won't move. Just to save some time later, I'll go ahead and get it running now.

[Look hose]

Shaggy: Perfect for transporting liquids of all kinds.

[take hose]

[Look gas]

Shaggy: Liquid petroleum product.

[Look switch]

Shaggy: Good for starting things.

In order to get the Engine running again, first you use the hose with the Engine.

And then use the hose with the gas.

Then you just flip the switch and the engine will start back up. Now you can use the Mine car as often as you like!

Moving on.

[Look pungent pond]

Shaggy: Ack! It's awful!

[Look stone bridge]

Shaggy: Looks sturdy enough.

Well, there's nothing else here, so let's move on.

Oh come on.

Good thing we grabbed this.

And now thanks to that little air freshener, we can now move on...

...To one of the worst parts of the game.

And of course, since it's dark, we can't move on until we find something to light this room up.

So the first thing you do is use the Battery with the Soda tab to make this.

Shaggy: I have a cunning plan!

And then you use the combined item with the light bulb to create...

A flashlight!

[Look flashlight]

Shaggy: It's a jury-rigged flashlight.

Next, just use the flashlight in the dark room.

And now we can see!

Now, I originally planned to show a video of this maze, but decided against it since it would have been extremely boring to watch, so here's the way through the maze.

Keep going forward until you hit this wall, and then go up.

At this intersection, go up again.

Turn into here.

Keep going until you hit this intersection, than go up.

Turn here.

Then turn up here.

And then just keep following the path until you reach the end!

Shaggy: I wonder if anyone is inside?

[Look ancient writing]

Shaggy: I can't read a word of it!

Good thing we have a book about ancient writing!

[use book on writing]

Shaggy: I think this thing is pretty old.

Let's try talking to it!

[Talk to Statue]

Statue: ...

Shaggy: Why am I talking to a rock?

Eh, it was worth a shot.


Shaggy: Hungarian Killer lettuce! Kills in an instant!

Looks tasty!

[Eat killer lettuce]

Shaggy: Get real. Even I won't eat that.


Well, if we can't eat it, might as well kill it.

Shaggy: Sayanara, Death Lettuce!

And now a new path has been revealed!

[Look cuffs]

Shaggy: Somebody here has no sense of humor!

[Look Gold]

Shaggy: Zoinks! That must be worth a fortune!

Time to buy a new van!

Shaggy: I wish! But I can't get through the bars. besides, I think it's probably evidence.

Son of a bitch.

[Look hand]

Shaggy: Gulp! Looks like at least somebody got out of the cuffs!

[Take hand]

Shaggy: Uh uh, man. NO WAY!

[Look hole]

Nice! Now we just have to find a way down there.

When in doubt, use rope.

Now we just use the rope again and...

Hi Uncle Blake!

[Look Uncle Blake]

Shaggy: It's Uncle Blake

[Talk to Uncle Blake]

Uncle Blake: Not Sure. I was working in the office and someone hit me. Next thing I know, here I was. Can you get me out of here?

Shaggy: Don't worry, Uncle Blake. I'll get you out as soon as I can!

Uncle Blake: Thanks, son! I know I can count on you!

Now, normally you would think that you would need to find a key in order to bust Blake out of here. But that's not how Scooby-Doo Mystery rolls.

Time to improvise!

That looks extremely painful.

Suddenly, Scooby yelps out a cry for help!

Shaggy: Zoinks! Scooby's in trouble!

Uncle Blake: Hurry then, and let's help him, son!

The game actually just warps Blake and Shaggy out of the hole, but here's the animation for climbing out anyway.

Uncle Blake: Better start looking for him! Me, I have something that needs doing.

And then Blake walks out of the room. Jerk.

[Talk to Uncle Blake]

Shaggy: What's so interesting?

Uncle Blake: These writings! They say there's a magic gold medallion hidden here in the tomb. That must be what the rascal is after! That statue over there has something to do with it, but I can't make out what.

A magic cup you say?

Uncle Blake: Blast! It's no use. I just can't remember what some of these symbols mean. I used to have a book that would help me read them, but it went missing about a month ago. Come to think of it, that was when this ghost business started.

Ho hum.

Uncle Blake: That's the book! Now let's see here... Here we are!

Uncle Blake: Then say some magic words, and the medallion will appear. hrumph, well, we have to use the goblet at any rate. I don't believe in this magic tomfoolery.

Indeed I do!

[Talk to statue]

Shaggy: Abracadabra!

Statue: ...

Shaggy: Shazam!

Statue: ...

Shaggy: Hocus Pocus!

Statue: ...

Shaggy: Zoinks! Who said that?

The statue then raises its hands.

Uncle Blake: Something's happening over here!

Statue: You may look upon the medallion.

And then the tomb opens, revealing the golden medallion!

[Look medallion]

Shaggy: It's made out of gold. I bet it's really valuable.


With the medallion now in hand, it's time to head back to the Hotel!

I wonder where Scooby is?

... Oh. Well that's one mystery solved. Next time, I finish this case!