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Scooby Doo Mystery

by Tobias Grant

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Original Thread: Zoinks! Let's Play Scooby Doo Mystery for the Sega Genesis, Scoob!



A Scooby Doo game?

Yep, this is one of my favorite games as a kid. Even though I could never beat it back then because I was dumb.

What do you mean for the Sega Genesis?

There are actually two different games that go under the name Scooby-Doo Mystery.

One for the SNES, which was a platforming game with a few adventure game elements.

And one for the Sega Genesis, which was a straight-up clone of Secret of Monkey Island.

A Monkey Island clone?

Yeah, the basic gameplay and interface is about the same as you would expect from point and click adventure games. It has a few problems, but for the most part it works.

So why are you playing it?

Because I actually really enjoy this game. it's not great, and it's extremely short (There are only two cases, and each of them can be completed in about an hour if you know what to do), but I still find myself picking it up again every few years.

Before we get started though, I'm going to let you pick what case we do first.

Blake's Hotel is easiest of the two, but it's easily my favorite, if only because I really like the music for it. Features smashing snowmen with shovels and asshole chefs. Monster: Ghost Indian Chief

Ha Ha Carnival is harder than Blake's Hotel, but it has a few clever puzzles and a very annoying mini-game that you can watch me fail at over and over again. Features bumper cars and funhouse mirrors. Monster: Evil Clown.

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