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Scooby Doo Mystery

by Tobias Grant

Part 8: Ha Ha Carnival 4

Now that the manager is back, we can begin to gather the last few items that we need.

First, though, let's go see the Manager himself.

[Look Manager]

Shaggy: he's very busy rejecting offers to buy his carnival.

[Talk to Manager]

Shaggy: Mr. Manager...

We didn't need to talk to him anyway.

Now, unless you already knew about this particular item, it can be extremely difficult to find it.

Shaggy: It says 'ACCEPTED'.

[Take Rubber Stamp]

Now that the Manager is safe, we can now enter the Employee's Only room!

Strongman: Heh heh. Just kidding. The boss says you guys are okay.

[Look Bulletin Board]

Shaggy: This is where they post job notices for the carnival.

[Look Trunk]

Shaggy: For keeping circus costumes in.

[Open Trunk]

A wrench, eh?

Shaggy: For turning bolts, of course. Find your own bolts.

[Take Wrench]
I know just the place to get some bolts!

Shaggy: There's lots of applications for clown jobs here. They're ALL rejected.

[Take Application]
Sounds important.

Shaggy: There's lots of these, but I'll just take one. This guy must be VERY non funny.

Now that we have an application, we just need to use the Rubber Stamp, and...


Shaggy: It's an accepted application for a job as a clown.

One last thing to do before we leave.

This will come into play later on.

Now that we have a wrench, we can finally grab these bolts.

And we are now officially done with the Fun-house.

One last thing to do, and that is to fix the Roller Coaster.

[Give tickets to Attendant]

Shaggy: Mr. Roller Coaster guy?

Coaster Guy: Yes?

Shaggy: We want to ride the Roller Coaster.

Son of a bitch.

Luckily for us, I already know where we can get a third rider.

Hey there.

Shaggy: Hey, kid.

Kid: Whatcha want, Mister?

Shaggy: How come you're just standing around here?

Kid: 'Cause I can't figure out what to ride.

Shaggy: Have you tried the bungee?

Kid: Uh uh. That's too scary.

Shaggy: How about the Diving Bell.

Kid: Boring.

Kid: Yeah! That'd be great. But the roller coaster guy said we need four people.

Shaggy: Scooby here is worth any two dogs. Plus you and me makes four.

Kid: Awright!

Coaster Guy: Sorry, guy, but the kid is too short.

Oh come on! So now we just have to make the kid appear bigger.

Here you go, kid!

Shaggy: Okay, Mr. Roller Coaster Guy. Measure him again.

Coaster Guy: He's still too short.

Coaster Guy: Really? Okay, whatever. Doesn't matter. Still gotta have four riders, guy. Sorry.

Oh god.

Shaggy: She doesn't count as a whole person because of her... accident?!

Coaster Guy: You guys go ahead.

The kid, rightfully freaked out by the fact that Shaggy keeps a decapitated head in his pants, runs away.

Shaggy: He chickened out!

Coaster Guy: I'm not waiting for him to work up his nerve. You guys go ahead.

Now, this segment can be a bit of a bitch. You have to be quick and use the brakes by the derailment, otherwise...

Shaggy and Scooby will go flying and crash into the back lot.

So this time, let's do it right.

Now let's take a little look at this problem.

[look track]

Shaggy: I think this is going to be a short ride!

[look brake]

Shaggy: For stopping things, like runaway roller coaster!

Now let's get to fixing this thing.

Problem solved!

Now we just need to release the brake...

...And make a short stop over here.

[Look Shed]

Shaggy: Looks like a tool storage shed.

[Open Shed]

...Who keeps a paintbrush all the way up here?

Shaggy: For painting things. Paint and Paintee not included.

[Take Paint Brush]
Yeah, we just did all this just for a paintbrush.

We now have everything we need to capture the Clown!

Just use the paintbrush with our inky paint can...

Shaggy: Let's paint something! Anything!

Alright, we will.

Shaggy: Hey, we can recycle, too!

Next time, we capture the clown and finish this game!