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by My Name Is Kaz

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Original Thread: Second Sight



Second Sight is a fourth-person stealth action game released in 2004 for the PS2 and Gamecube. The developers also made the popular Timesplitters series of games, which shares character design and other elements.

The game follows a man named Dr. John Vattic who has lost his memory except for his name and an episode of his life where he joined a marine squad, and has gained mental powers he does not fully realize.

Though I usually have my friends with me, I'll be commentating on my own on this game because it has a very private atmosphere.

I will be supplying youtube links and later blip links for direct download. Please be patient.

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About Cognitive Neuroscience
Each update will come with a little blurb about the brain or the ways we study the brain that I've taken from my happier days studying Cognitive Neuroscience. I'm no psychologist myself, so if anything I post suffers from technical inaccuracies or is distractingly terrible, please bear with me. I'm willing to discuss the main points to the limit of my understanding, but I don't want the thread to become a litany of corrections from the voices of experts. I mean these as flavor text, not avowal of fact.

I suggest you watch these at night, with the lights off. Alone or with someone creepy watching you from outside your window.



  • 1. Isolation
  • 2. Preparation
  • 3. Experimentation
  • 4. Fieldwork
  • 5. Escape
  • 6. Madness
  • 7. Rescue
  • 8. Reliance
  • 9. Entrapped
  • 10. Streetlife
  • 11. Teamwork
  • 12. Breakout
  • 13. Conspiracy
  • 14. Infiltration
  • 15. Childcare
  • 16. Confrontation
  • 17. Redemption
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