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Shadow of Destiny

by Mystic Mongol

Part 15

Right! It's time for the final puzzle in the game! How can I defy fate ONE LAST TIME!? This will take all my cunning, test my memory of the events, and find the one key point where I can--

--dammit. If it wasn't bad enough that the digipad glowed green, indicating that I had to use it, when you open the digipad, 1584 is clearly highlighted. It's the last puzzle in the game, why does it have to be sovled for me?

I guess they made the "bad" endings (C, D, arguably B) easy to get, and kind of hid the solutions for A and E. That's fine, and all, but seriously. I could have figured this out on my own.

Destroy the research! It's what Dr. Wagner would have wanted!

In his ruined house, surrounded by the broken pieces of his dreams?

And Hugo buys it. Tah dah! Fate defied!

Oooor not. Returning to the present, Eike finds Hugo waiting for him.

Meanwhile, in the past...

Eike should have just pocketed the notes. They have to be worth serious money to the right collector.

FOX... DIE...

This scene makes a hell of a lot more sense in the PS2 version, where he's gone all -y. Apparently the team that moved the game to the PC couldn't be bothered to find out how to make models transparent. Laaaaazy. Anyway... pretend he's all ghost-like here! It helps.

Ah, because there's a time lag on the effects of time travel. This could be explained to anyone with a fifteen year degree in temporal dynamics.

Thus ended the third age of alchemy.

Murder and blackmail. And kidnapping.

There's a flash of white light to hide the fact no one could be bothered to write fading out code. It just burns me up! In the PS2 version, he fades away, cursing his fate as he slowly stops existing. This is just lame!

"I mean, your existance will end in moments, but hey! There's a different version of you who's been dead for four hundred years."

This is where she begins to fade, for the record.

"You'll NEVER live in the future, Margarete! Never, do you hear me? Mwah ha ha!"

And so, the hot chick in Eike's arms never existed.

So the only question left is... what now?