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Shadow of Destiny

by Mystic Mongol

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Original Thread: Let's Play Shadow of Destiny! (56k's fated hour is 2:30)



opening animation

Hey, I haven't played this game in years. Let's slot it in.

She's cute. Do you think she's the love interest?

She peers out through a hole in space-time to watching walking down a street. Then she's standing in a tree! Then she's NOT. Spoooookey!

Shadow of Destiny was a really, really early Playstation 2 game, a graphical adventure back when the memory of them hadn't quite slipped from the collective memory. I think all of nine people played it, and I bullied two of them into it. I tried to get a tenth to, but she just held onto the disc for a year and a half. Oh, well, it wasn't like I was doing anything with it.

The strength of the game was the strong plot and complex self-recursive story line. The weakness was the simplicity of the puzzles, the hideous faces, and the fact you could beat it in an afternoon... all symptomatic of gaming of that period. Hapily, you won't have to put up with any of that!

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