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Part 100: Geirin coughs.

Update 100

Indeed they are, now let's see what they are up to.

"Your actions are well within the bounds of my conjecture. Honestly... I wouldn't consider them healthy."

"Master... If you exert yourself now... You know as well as I what will happen! "
"If you know that much, you must also know that it's no use trying to stop me. "

"What I'm about to do... Nagi... This may go against the way of the Kuzunoha, but... "


He ain't right.

"It is no process to worry about... Nagi... Don't look."
"It's not nothing! It's obvious without having to predict!"

Yeah, he shouldn't have fought against Raidou.

"Then you won't stop, Master? Even after I asked?"
"It's a gamble... On my future. I have... very little time left... Please understand, Nagi, and forgive your follish master."

"My joy in witnessing that process... Shall give me even greater strength..."

Action time!

"Th-That seal! No! "

He proceeds to go through that portal, and consequently seals it.

"I... I don't want to imagine a future without my master!"

After witnessing that spectacle, Raidou decides to finally intervene.

".... Raidou... My master has..."
>Nagi described the situation to Raidou.
"I see. So to perform the spell... Geirin undid the seal on this door and went in."
"His actions were just as those described in the Ancient Scripture I borrowed from Raidou..."

Taotie? The small goat-like glutton demon thing? Hm.

"In theory, Taotie should be confined at the very end of the Great Summoner's Hall. The road to Taotie is long and arduous, and at the end of that process... The previous generations of Geirins protect the seal! The theory goes that in order to unseal Taotie, you must demonstrate your strength to your predecessors."

"What do you mean?"


Ayup. It's not only being old and beaten up by Raidou. Nope.

"Ah... If there only was a way to follow Master inside... But... He used his own seal to shut the door behind him!"

Hm. I wonder if there is a way to open it?