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Part 101: Totally not "The Word of God"

Update 101

Why, it's simple! By examining the seal we can surely find a way to open it. Yes.

That cannot be exactly sanitary.

Oh god why.


"So we must undo the seal in order to follow him... The only thing that can break it is a strike from my master. "

So Geirin's seal is only opened by Geirin himself? That is not exactly... Useful if there is a need in the future after he is dead to enter it.
On the other hand, it is possible that this particular seal is only kept by Geirin's will, and that when he dies it gets replaced by a more generic seal. That still can only be opened by Geirins.
It IS the Great Hall of Geirin Kuzunoha, after all.

"I had hoped to go after Master, but... I have no way to follow him. Please help me, Raidou!"

Let's see what we can do, and Abihiko is correct, for once.

Oops, already did.

Nagi is not one to be intimidated by a demon, it seems.

Interesting naming of his solo conversation skill.

And now we get the second to last transformation. Geirin himself.
Wait what?


Let's see what Nagi has to say.

"No, wait... Is that you, Raidou? I can sort of tell... There's something different about you, in theory."

"Master's aura is reserved, yet unwavering... And somewhat solitary."

Well, that is settled, Raidou can't fool Nagi in that shape for more than a moment. Let's see if this works.

"It didn't take you long to outthink that one... You're a sharp cookie, Brian. Well, let's get to it."


Oh my, image filter thing. IT MUST'VE WORKED.

Hell yes.

"You successfully undid the seal... Thank you so much! Let's hurry and find Master."

No need to keep that form, at the moment at least.

"Now we can go through the door and follow Master!"

Well, he is a Kuzunoha that could keep up with Raidou for a while, and has control of a goddamn robot angel, so he is probably safer than most.

Oh, Atlus, reusing assets shown not 5 minutes before.

Well since he was shown to be coughing blood and is the only human that has passed through these parts for a while, it is pretty clear Nagi has a top notch deductive reasoning engine in that head of hers. In theory.

"No... This is no time to lose heart. Even now, Master is in the process of getting further away from us. The path to Taotie has just begun... I will need your continued help Let us hurry, Raidou.."

Oh boy, a bunch of new encounters.

Frost Oumitsunu and Raja Naga (Raja Naga is an asshole)

How quickly has Shouten been demoted from boss to random encounter.

"This area is split up into a five-by-five square- You must follow a specific route to proceed. In theory, if you choose the correct route, an Onmyo symbol will appear on the floor... But if you make an error, a pit trap will open beneath you and you must start over."

"I don't know the path itself... But I do know a hint that may help. "
"I suppose a hint's better than nothing. Let's hear it. "
"If I recall correctly..."

"I'm not sure I understand the meaning of the hint myself... "
"I'd say the operative phrase there is "mind the hour". Looks like we'll be relying on your know-how for this one. I'm counting on you, Brian."

This is what happens when the right panel has been stepped upon.

As you can see, the hors are representing forward, backwards, left and right. Easy to get, yeah.

And this is what happen when one fucks up.

Oh boy.

At least it leads t o shitty treasure.

And going back is done easy.

Success in the first thing!

"I knew I could count on you, Raidou. You're as smart as you are strong."

Oh come on, that one does not need things like "The penitent man shall pass"

God damn it why must I ALWAYS get the urge to rewatch Last Crusade when making ANY silly references to that movie. I don't get that urge with Raiders, and definitely not with Temple of Doom. But I just have to MENTION ANY PART of Crusade, and I feel that I need to watch it.


That is likely the best course of action.

Great, a Dragon's Jaw preventing access to a save point. Bah.

Fortunately, easily bypassed by using Siegfried's skill.

Sieg is awesome.

And his skill is equivalent to a Repellent water thingamabob.


Oh boy.

Oh no, a hesitation.

Welp. Time to go down.

It can't be THAT bad, can it?



Next time: Passing the puzzle. And burning.