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Part 106: Chapter 7 Start

Update 106

Since the last update it was a chapter ending, the new one starts with an expository wall of text delivered by a character. In this case, Gouto.

"Luck locusts were abused in the period of Warring States, opening the Gate to the Abysmal Realm... That's the true, loathsome history of the formerly devastated Tsukigata Village. The Geirin in those days--the first Geirin Kuzunoha--handled that particular disaster.
"He bringeth together an admixture of dark and light to form a naught..." The dark was the Gate to the Abysmal Realm, or misfortune given form... And the light was the opposite... The manifestation of good luck, the Pojitrawn. The there's the demon who can eat space itself, sealed away in the Great Summoner's Hall... Taotie. After they got him to eat the space between the Gate and the Pojitrawn..."

"And the Secret Art of getting rid of that pesky Gate has been passed down through generations of Geirins... Now the Gate to the Abysmal Realm is back again in the Taisho era. The honor of disposing of it falls to the current Geirin Kuzunoha... Geirin the 17th. He risked his own future to perform the Secret Art... But the path to Taotie was too much for him. The disease was too far advanced... So Geirin the 17th entrusted the Secret Art to Brian... Allowing him to die a noble death. On behalf of the fallen Geirin, Brian unsealed Taotie..."

"The Gate to the Abysmal Realm was drawn to the Pojitrawn beneath Tsukigata Mansion. It all happened just like it said in the Scripture. The two forces collided, succesfully nullifying each other. Thanks to all of Brian's hard work... The Gate to the Abysmal Realm that used to hover over the Capital has completely dissolved."

But it left a strange and mysterious giant blackened sphere on top of the Tsukigata Mansion.

And now, Raidou wakes up.

"Brian... You're awake. You passed out after finishing the Secret Art. I'm assuming that Taotie ate up all the Magnetite you had le--"

Oh my! Someone is going to interrupt the cat.

Someone that can understand Gouto, it seems.

Ah, clearly, that is Nagi doing the talking.

... Or just someone that heard the meows and assumed that Gouto was pestering Raidou to be fed, like a cat would do. Well, no.

"Nagi came to me. It must have been... Two days ago? She carried you here... And asked me to take care of you. You haven't had anything to eat or drink in two days... You barely even moved... For a while I thought... Oh, but I'm ever so glad! Sorry, but I was just in the middle of doing the laundry... Excuse me. I'll be going now."

Well, at the very least someone is glad that Raidou is awake again.

"Now that the Gate to the Abysmal Realm's taken care of, the chaos over the Apollyons is over. But there are still several villagers with no choice but to take refuge here at the Fukuroku Inn. And Akane's one of them... She's helping out with the chores as a way of doing her part in the exchange for the food and shelter. Quite a dame... She doesn't have to put herself through all that, as she's the village chief's daughter and all.... "

"It's about Tsukigata Village... More specifically, Tsukigata Mansion, where you performed the Secret Art. Maybe it'd be quicker to show you than explain... Whenever you're ready... Let's go to Tsukigata Mansion."

Well yeah, checking that should be more or less a priority.


This one could not be done in the last chapter since everyone was hiding up in the Hotel, or had to be hunted down to get them to the hotel. Having eliminated the threat of the Apollyons from Tsukigata, everyone went back to normal, more or less.

But before being able to finish it, this had to happen.

Nagi and Taotie waiting in front of the road to the mansion.
Or what WAS the Mansion.

So, if Geirin had been able to finish the unsealing, he would've died after finishing it due to the weakining properties of the spell, am I right?

Just retaining this screenshot due to Taotie's silly-ass pose.

"I plan to make a grave for him at the Nameless Shrine... "

"That's right, Brian. I was wondering the same thing. After you finished the Secret Art, it fell form the Gate to the Abysmal Realm and crushed Tsukigata Mansion. It's depressing just to look at."
"I've been researching it, but... I haven't seen any valid theories as to its nature yet. "

Taotie: "That is certain. However... "

Taotie: "A sphere such as that did not remain on the previous occasion..."

Oh boy! We got ourselves a mystery!

And Taotie leaves with the silliest walk cycle.

That is not threatening in the least, no sir.

And thus, he finally leaves.

"Master risked his life to protect Tsukigata Village... Theoretically, I may not be strong enough... But I have to try! To leave behind honorable deeds and make Master proud... That theory is my hope..."


Oh boy.


Goddamnit, Shinado, find a better way to do your silly things.

Shinado-Raidou, again.


The only despairing things is that these interruptions are getting more and more annoying.

Oh fuckdamnit.
So, everything just went from bad to worse. Welp.

Yes, shouldn't that have cleared up any bad mojo going on? It would have eliminated the luck and maybe gone in a metaphysic (or just physical) boom, but not leave GODDAMN ABADDON.


So, the correct path according to Shinado would be to meekly accept the fate and be all emo?

Or... Something else?



Well, warning or not, it can't be that bad, right?

Oh my, Shinado as Akane.

So, she will become emo and then blame Raidou for things outside of his control/caused due to him following contractual orders that came from HER?