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Part 114: An alternative to swords to deal with giant insects.

Update 114

Slightly less readable everywhere, but considerably less retina burning, it is time to advance.

Oh no! Another SHINADO masked person.

Shinado-masked villager: "We were thinkin' of huntin' yew down after we handed Dahn over to Lord Shinado... Curse our luck to have been born in a village with parasites like yew in it..."

Shinado-masked villager: "Yeah, that's right. Ah figured it out... Right, Dahn? If yew didn't steal them luck locusts, Lord Shinado wouldn'ta gotten riled, huh? Yeah... That's the long and short of it. It's all your fault! Everything!"

Oh boy, another Psycho Apollyon.

"Right...? "

"I ain't plannin' on makin' any fancy excuses... "

Is that his stoic look?

"Listen, Raidou... Don't stop him, okay? If somethin' happens to me, you take good care of Akane. You're the one we're all hopin' for... Go ahead. Take your best shot."

Shinado-masked villager: "Yer gonna be executed!"

I wonder if the Psycho Apollyon is strenghtening the villager.

"Execute me? Don't make me laugh... Who do you think I am?"

"This is Dahn Tsukigata you're dealin' with here. I've had bug bites worse'n that."

Considering that Dahn routinely deals with the goddamn Tentomarus, that is not such a strange boast.

Eh I bet Dahn received a worse beatdown from Raidou's hands.

Shinado-masked villager: "H-How'd yew like that!? Beg for mercy like the bug yew are!"
"Aww, quit your yappin'... Don't tell me you're done already? C'mon..."
Shinado_masked villager: "Yew bug... How dare yew talk to us humans like that? Th-This next one's gonna kill yew... Go cry in Hell with yer damned pa!"

Oh no!


This reminds me of Nier. Goddamn, that game has too much bloom.

Tsukigata villager: "... Huh?"
>The Shinado mask disappeared from the villager's face.
Tsukigata villager: "Is that... Dahn? What're yew doin'?"

"I get it... So that's how this Pojitrawn Crystal works! It's the spark we need to recover from despair... Hope knocks out despair..."

That is surely Dahn's smug face.

Uh, yes?

Oh no, it is Raidou's emo doppelganger.

Shinado: "You failed to cast off the mantle of "Raidou" and exposed yourself to my anger... Unfortunate soul... Brian Blessed. You have seen it. The true character of those you seek to protect... And still you don't despair? How can you continue to act? Listen, unfortunate soul... Brian Blessed... "

Shinado: "But when people despair of the future as a result of some spark... Then in order to escape that despair of a future now closed to them... Man will hurt man... And all will fall to misfortune. That is why I must destroy this future, the spark of man's despair... Such is the salvation that Shinado brings!"

Shinado: "You seem to desire to show others hope for the future... But you must understand. By showing the way to man's future... That action can only lead to harm for those you seek to protect. Behold."

Oh boy, Shinado got his hands on Tae.

Shinado-masked woman : "If this pain isn't going to end... I... I don't want hope... I don't want a future!"

Shinado: "Your actions of assuming the mantle of "Raidou" and protecting the people of this world... And your actions of trying to give them hope for the future... They will save no one. But if you know this and still intend to proceeed as you were... Then come."

I shall assume that is a challenge.

Shinado: "There is no reason to walk this road of despair on your own will. I warn you for your own good. Even now, it is not to late... Abandon "Raidou". Cast this identity away, Brian Blessed..."

Well, nothing to do but follow them, I guess.