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Part 115: OH GOD MY EYES

Update 115

Very well, let's chase that masked thing.

There is a dog in there.

Yes, that is definitely a dog. Let's see if it is carrying something.

Inari spirit: "The Inari god has sent us here to help you. We share information of the other areas of Abaddon, the Infinite Abyss, between ourselves... We have some understanding of the structure of this place. We have borrowed this form to catch your attention in this vast space. If you see one of us, please listen to what we have to say. We are sure to havei nformation useful to you."

Inari spirit: "Abaddon, the Infinite AByss, is constructed from several Spheres that link together. You will have to travel from Sphere to Sphere as you make your way to the depths of this space. Each Sphere has a name. Remember these names well... They may be helpful in learning the path. This is the Sphere of Foundation... To the rear is te Sphere of Contemplation, and to the left is the Sphere of Surrender. Be careful, and good luck..."

The spheres are linked by this... umbilical cord thing.

Visually they are identical in the entrance. ASSET RECYCLING, help save the world. bAH.

Level up, and magic is chosen as the receptacle for the new point.

And then a magic increasing item is acquired, should've had used that point in something else, but then again you can't have too many points in Magic.

Good title!

Fuckdamnit, still so, so far away from 13k.

Before exploring the Sphere of Surrender, the Contemplation one sounds fine.
In the middle areas there is a effect in the Spheres. In this case, it is snow.
What does it do? It causes Raidou to trip. A Pyro demon with ignite takes care of that.

Inari spirit: "To the rear is the Sphere of Mercy, and to the left is the Sphere of Symmetry. If you return to the front, you will reach the Sphere of Foundation. However, a Dragon's Jaw blocks the path. You will not be able to progress any further from here. Be careful, and good luck..."

Damnation, he was not lying.

Everything is blocked in this area.

Except for a useful treasure.

Sandalphon and Taotie form a very useful dragon.

This, clearly being not the GREAT Kohryu, will only serve in battle, not as a mount , or as a warden for Mikaboshi and such other things.

And mixing that dragon with Arioch leads to Beelzebub, fly form. That will come in handy eventually.

The Sphere of Surrender is clearly on fire. Raiho takes care of it with a Cool Down, SHOWING once more that he is the best.

Inari spirit: "To the rear is the Sphere of symmetry, and to the left is the Sphere of Judgement. If you return to the right, you will reach the Sphere of Foundation. However... There is a strong, evil presence blocking the way ahead. Be careful, and good luck..."

While exploring, Futsunushi joined the party. Overcompensating for something with all those blades?

And a harmless old lady is met.

These are the barriers mentioned. Without dispelling them, there is no way to advance.

So, let's see what we can do about that.

And that is the Tsukigatas' fault... how?

Well if there are no young ones, I guess that exactly what happened to Macondo in 100 years of Solitude. Or not. Something of the sort maybe.

"But I was goin' about it the wrong way... I'm sorry."

Excellent. Dahn's got the hang of it already.

The barriers are dispelled, and thus advancement can happen!

Goddamnit, Shinado is a party pooper, isn't he?

Akane with the Shinado mask also advances through those umbilical cords.

That means that the Sphere of Judgement would likely be a good place to follow them.

"Time marches on... I could just chalk it up to bad luck, but... "

"They all picked up and left the village for western life out in the big city. They ain't like the old folks who just sit there worryin' while the village crumbles around 'em. They're out to take hold of their own future. No one can stop 'em. This bein' the peaceful Taisho era'n all, there's plenty of ways to put food on the table 'sides killin'. My dad always did fret about Tsukigata Village rottin' away..."

She's got that right.

Shinado sounds like the single most emo antagonist I've ever seen.

Old Tsukigata Lady: "Come t'think of it, more and more young'uns have been leavin' the village... When ah thought about Tsukigata Village havin' no future... ah got really worried... Then when ah came to, ah was here jawin' with yew... Is this part of the dream, too?"

But instead of following Shinado, it is better to explore and to see what's what.

Inari spirit: "To the reae is the Sphere of Crown, and to the left is the Sphere of Judgement. To the right is the Sphere of Contemplation. If you return to the front, you will reach the Sphere of Surrender. Beyond crown lies a realm deeper than we may go... or know. In the front sits a giant gate known as the Gate to the Abyss. But there is a Dragon's Jaw in this Sphere... In order to reach Crown, you must take Judgement around. Be careful, and good luck..."

And afterwards, I got lost.

NExt: Out of the spheres, a couple case files, more loyalty grinding.