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Part 128: Attack of the 50 foottall Linkin Park Song

Update 128

Yeah, it seems it is, a giant Akane, that is quite unexpected.

Yes. A giant Akane.

"Denying myself... Never saying what I feel... That's... what I deserve for betting on Raidou... This is my future... "

Shinado: "Your action of resistance has shown the people a future... By supposedly acting as a spark for this one's hope... You have doomed this one to torment. See how despair has consumed their future! Cease giving mankind hope. Do not allow them to suffer any longer. Brian Blessed..."

"Having to constantly accept my life... It's so painful... Oh... I know... I remember now... I have the answer... i... made that promise... with you... So if you... disappear... "

I hope not, that would be bad.

And then the fight starts. Of course Raidou is going to have to beat a giant Akane.

"I tried... But I'm in such pain... It hurts to be accepting... I-I just want to... live in peace... So you'll have to... die for me!"

Hey, she is not Alice!

She summons Mots. That's easy.

They are literally nothing more than MAG repositories.

They are weak against Electricity, and it is not nulled by Akane, so it is convenient.

She does use annoying Almighty spells though.

"I just... want you to... die... W-Wait... Raidou... Are you serious? Why would you resist securing your own future to die for me!?"


God damnit she is ALMOST as bad as Shinado itself.


Success! The Giant Akane has calmed down!

"I still believe... my decisions... were right... But... I... I... Please, Raidou! Must I continue to live... accepting my fate? Will this pain... go on forever? No... I'm tired of this pain... Raidou... This is your fault!"

Why did she have to become a Linkin Park song?

And there it goes.

She disappeared.

"I get it already. That really was Akane... She took action when she accepted the future in store for her, but... My sis... She must've gotten tired of it somewhere along the line. It's because of me... Because I resisted everythin' she was tryin' to do... She despaired in the world... She didn't know what to do... And got all sulky..."

"I never put much thought into what I did. I'm an assassin, but I never denied my own self like that... It ain't how I was made. I really thought Akane was somethin'... She'd always have a calm face on, no matter what she was goin' through... She'd accept whatever happened."

Well, he now just lost both his father and his sister.
His uncle as well, but that was a while ago, and did not even get a unique talking head.

Shinado: "Don't you understand yet? The actions you display to others... It gives the people unneeded hope. Your actions are the source of man's suffering... Not only when you wear the mantle of "Raidou" and witness this spectacle... But soon, you yourself... in your own future, in your own world... You will cause people to nourish their hopes for the future... You will become an accursed spark!"

Oh boy.

Shinado: "To use man's phrase, that savior's name is... "King Abaddon," no? I borrowed the name of this savior, this "King Abaddon," upon seeing man's hope for the future... Brian Blessed... I will cast your very existence into the pits of despair."

That is not technically the entire truth.

"I'll bet my life on you, the same as the others. Let's get on our way to Shinado's lair. As a Devil Summoner, it's up to you to strike down Shinado before he threatens the whole world's future. Don't take this one lightly..."

"There ain't no mistakin' it... That voice... That was her. That was my sis..."

"Raidou... That huge Akane said... She didn't want a future, but... I do. I want to take hold of the future... together with Akane... When I first met you at Narita's place, I never imagined I'd say this to you, but... No matter what Lord Shinado says... I'm gonna resist it all the way."

Well, no luck, absolutely no family left, but still not despairing completely AND having hope that Raidou will fix things, more or less.

"He claimed the way you give people hope for the future... That's the source of their suffering?"

"Don't worry... I'm just organizing my thoughts a little. Shinado's words were getting on my last nerve, that's all... I've been thinking, Brian. Life is a series of actions, all of which shape your future... In a world where there isn't any hope for the future, who can be said to be alive? That's not the kind of world man can live in. Shinado's actions in robbing people of their future... it's nothing but a crazy scheme to turn men into puppets. It's not a bit like "salvation"!
We're headed into the final battle. Brian, you've shown the people hope for the future... I'm with you all the way. Not as your mentor... As your partner. "

Gouto also believes in Raidou.

"this one's for all the marbles.Don't go in unprepared."