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Part 13: Clearly the update number cannot be significant, right?

Update 13

Well, that was not such a good thing.

Hey, they are RIGHT THERE, that's a good thing!

But before reaching that point, Sandman maxes out his loyalty. Bah.

"Skills you switch out will not be lost. You may reallocate them during the next demon fusion."

That skill may be more than moderately useful, but eh, no need for it at the moment.

Well, apparently he LIKED being abused.

Same for Inugami, completely useless at the moment since Inugami is naturally resistant to Mind. Probably useful eventually in the fusion chain.

So yeah, let's advance.

Wait what

Why are those things blocked?

How the hell am I supposed to get there if it is blocked?

Seriously, that is just not right. It was clearly NOT BLOCKED from the previous screen.

And then Pixie shows her expertise in alchemy, by making something that is AWESOME into something useless that sells for 1 yen, or so.

Screw you, Pixie.

But the map does not show any such blockage. Strange.

Let's see this fork.

"You speaking to me and the space you stand in now... Are illusions.
I'll give you a good tip, take it or leave it. This is an illusory space... The room's shape changes constantly. Be aware of which direction you are entering the room from."

Ooooh. Let's try entering it from the south.

Welp. That's a no go.

But meanwhile, random encounter dialog.

"Oh well, to mark this auspicious occasion, we should end this battle in a grand flurry!
How about an extra serving of love and peace. On the house!
Take this! It'll come in handy, I'm sure. And if not, then just throw it away somewhere. But throw it away when I'm not looking! you don't want to hurt my feelings, do you?"

Obariyon is awesome.

Entering from the west opens south and north. We already saw south.

Oh boy! Healing!

Still as depressed as always.

It is!

If Mag is not full, it can be healed for a fee as well, and when it is being healed, the "sexy demon conversation skill" song is used. Ayup. Interpret that as you will.

And that way we can enter this place from another angle, no longer just from the south.

Hm, North is still closed.

But let's check the eastern area from the previous crossroad first.

Eeeeh, could be worse. That is useful.

Strength acquired. Next: Vitality, then maybe Luck again. Or Magic. Have not decided. WE SHALL SEE.
 Yes, we shall see. In the next update 

Now the West one in the second crossroad.

How lame.
Still, less lame than 90% of the random chests in FFXII, which is likely the most annoying part of the game (somewhat fixed and somewhat made worse in FFXII International, since there a LOT of useful technicks are not acquirable through methods other than RANDOM CHESTS)

Well, now that is open. That is a good thing. Let's save, and fuse and see what's there.

Since we already have another (and higher leveled) Pagan, Inugami is pretty redundant. Obariyon will be missed, though.

That is a good combination of skills, eventually having Dia there, which is always useful, even if Combo is a bit redundant since Frenzy is (if I recall correctly) better.

"Like being shot... With an arrow through my heart... While skydiving."

Obariyon is just so silly.

"I've helped humans since the start of your so-called culture, but... In all that time I never found a guy tough enough to satisfy me. Are you making your bid?
... Hmhm."

Wait, is the angel hitting on Raidou?

These three will serve well. Power Chakra is pretty useful to offset how physically weak the Angel is. Eh, not like we want the angel for PHYSICAL blows at the moment.

This happens when fusing. They leave a letter, and, well, something else.

A lot of the time it is a Metal.

"They are responsible for mankind's protection and are charged with abolishing man's evil tendencies."

Let's get the little guy back as well.


"How'd yew find us here!?
Yew must have some luck...
but yer luck's run out now.
Sorry to do this to a civilian, but we can't have people takin' us lightly...
Hey... Let's use that thing. Once he ses that, he'll wet himself with fear!
Get ready!"

And thus, battle starts.

(VIDEO to be posted in the next update. Did not really plan this through, did I? Eh. You'll see.)

And then he whistles.

Who or what the hell is Jiromaru?


That thing is goddamn ugly!
And that explains what it is.

For boss battles, you usually want a variety of skills, to check what works and what DOESN'T work. Let's see.

No scanning available, though.

Electricity and Wind are useful (in that they do a lot more damage than physical hits), but they don't hit the weak spot.

But Agi DID the trick.

Hitting a boss in its weak spot won' ALWAYS stun it, but it is the best way to get a breather (and also, it restores mag)

So, once that is done, it is time to set it as the automatic skill for the Angel.

That is clearly the best way to deal with this.

Oh no, it jumped!

By pressing R1, Raidou blocks. By pressing R2, the demons become intangible. Useful if you are trying to run away, or taking them away from dangerous attacks.

Methinks I should've had rolled there.

Well that was considerably easier than expected.

It runs away, clearly afraid of Raidou's battle prowess.

"Yer not the fresh-faced kid yew look like, are yew?
No one who can beat Jiromaru is...
Alright... desperate times call for desperate measures. Hang on to yer hat, kid...
Once ah unleash this thing... Then yer really in for it."

A bit hard to see in the screenshot, but he is holding some sort of... Lantern thing?

I hope it is either the apendix or the wisdom teeth.

Well, that wasn't so bad. Raidou defeated them, and eh, what could they have removed?